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Welcome to Granny Dating.

Granny Dating started in 2006 as a small dating site for men to meet horny Grannies for Sex. Eight years later we have grown to be the biggest and best Adult dating sites in the UK. With an average of 500 people signing up a day, there is never a lack of people to meet for sex.

It is completely free to join and browse millions of Granny Personals. Sign up takes less than 1.5 minutes and our platform is incredibly easy to use!

With more and more concerns about online dating, we have partnered up with Online Dating Protector to ensure the people who you are talking to really are who they say they are! On top of that we have a team working around the clock checking every single profile and authenticating them. So if you are, at all interested in meeting a mature slapper you have come to the right place.

Feel free to have a click on some of our featured members and check out their micro-profiles. The micro profiles will allow you to read a little more about that member and see a few more pictures. If any tickle your fancy, simply login and get in touch.

GrannyDating has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. Over the years we have listened to our users to make your experience on our site as easy and enjoyable as possible. If you have any issues at all don’t hesitate to call our 24 hour support team on 0800 987 5555.

Sign up is completely free to join. All you need is a valid email and a password and you can browse through hundred’s of local granny personals. We hope you enjoy your time on the site

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Available on all devices for added Privacy!

Privacy is a huge part of online Dating. Especially when it comes to Erotic Dating. We know a lot of people like to browse and message members through the privacy of their personal mobiles devices. Because of this we have gone to great lengths to make sure Grannydating.co.uk works on every single mobile device out there, from Nokia, to IPad.

More importantly the site maintains it's incredibly fun and easy to use platform across any device. So you can concentrate on the most important thing, finding your next shag!

Perhaps you are looking for something more specific?

Our Top Stories

Check out our mature dating video!
We recently made a video to help showcase the sexy older women available to meet on our mature sex dating website UK.

Click play on the video below to see some of the potential members you could meet using our website. This is just a random selection of the millions of mature women available to meeting locally.

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Watch the video

Why it’s important to give a real email address.
I wanted to write a quick blog post to explain why it is so important for your sex life to give us a real email account.

The email feild!


The bottom line here is that we want you to have as much sex a possible. Hundreds of messages are sent back and forth everyday on Grannydating.co.uk. The main reason people know that someone has written to them is because they get email alerts, (just like you would on facebook). Then you can reply right there on your mobile, rather than just signing into your account in the evening when you get home (and realising you have 7 messages). It has been proven that people who get email alerts, send more messages and in turn have more sex.The problem is that some people enter fake email addresses, so when someone sends them a message on the site, the email goes to their fake email. Then it could be weeks before that user signs back onto their account to realise they have a message. Then, at that point, th...

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Email and password

The right Granny Chat Up Lines Will Help You Get Laid
When it comes to bedding a dirty older woman it all comes down to saying the right thing at the right time. Our grannies like a man to show off his confidence, to be assertive whilst not to come across as an arrogant pig. It's all about having the right granny chat, the banter and the lines that will woo a mature lass into the bedroom, without resulting in you getting a slap across the face. So how does a young, spunky guy full of beans get to know what to say? Well sit back dear reader, as we talk you through the best way to speak to our older, female members at grannydating.co.uk
Start off by getting her attention
So you're logged into your grannydating.co.uk account and you've found a mature lady that you like the look off.  She lives local to you, and shares the same interests, be it oral sex, swinging, or sucking toes on a Sunday morning. You can tell she is quite popular due to the amount of gits and winks she's received, which means you need to get her attention w...

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anyone can chat up a granny for sex

Make new Granny Contacts
If you'r reading this latest post then chances are you're interested in making some new granny contacts. Possibly you've tired finding some on other websites and not had much luck, or perhaps you've had been meeting up with the same mature woman for sometime now and are a bit bored? Whatever your reason you've made the right choice coming over to grannydating.co.uk and seeing what we offer. So sit back, get a cuppa ready, and let us spend the  next few paragraphs explaining how easy and simple it is to meet new grannies using our dating site.
Start off with the best chance of success
If you're going to try and hook-up with new partners for dating, sex or just a friendly cup of tea ( a bit boring by our standards, but whatever floats your boat) you're better off starting with the biggest selection of people to contact. In the case of our site, and the fetish we cater for, it's grannies - You need to be in the place that has the highest amount of active, older, female memb...

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sexy granny is looking for new contacts

How we are the safest Granny site on the net?
In the last post, I ran you through some of the different types of members we get signing up. From the hard core members who are literally just on the site to find sex, to the members who might be dipping their toe into Adult dating for the first time.

Obviously what types of members sign up is very important to us because ultimately it effects what kind of an experience you have when you are on the site.

Safely browse through our saucy members.

Our goal is to create a site that is full of members just like you. People who are actively looking for a fling. In an ideal world we would have a database full of people who are only interested in finding a new mature fuck buddy.

However sadly we cannot provide 100% of sexually seeking users. There will be a small amount of time wasters. So how do we go about getting rid of these?

Back when we started in 2008 we only really looked into profiles that people had complain...

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