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Check out our mature dating video!

We recently made a video to help showcase the sexy older women available to meet on our mature sex dating website UK.

Click play on the video below to see some of the potential members you could meet using our website. This is just a random selection of the millions of mature women available to meeting locally.

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5 British Comedians caught having sex with Grannies!
We are always interested to know how many people in the public eye, also have eyes for older women.  We send out some of our top "GrannyDating paps" out a year ago to see what they might discover and some of the images they caught are truly shocking!

In fact, so many celebs have been caught in the act with these older women that we have had to separate them up into categories. This week we are going to reveal the top 5 British comic's that have been caught with their pants down.
Number 5. Keith lemon!

Caught having a handjob

Hardly that surprising, this comedian was caught several time in the act. This image was papped in a Travelodge in the East End.

Number 4 Russell Brand
Big Spoon

Just after his divorce, Russell went back to his secret fetish of having sex with older women. This image was taken in a small motel just outside LA
Number 3.. Russell Howard

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Keith Lemon getting a hand job off a granny

One Night Stands the do’s and don’ts
Looking for a one night stand

With a noticeable shift in people’s opinions of sex in the last 10 years it is becoming more and more acceptable for people to lead more promiscuous lives, and why not I ask! We are animals after all and have sex with members of the opposite sex, or same sex for that matter is perfectly normal and should be encouraged, not hidden away and not spoken about, this is 2014 for crying out loud!!

However although it is a perfectly normal activity, this doesn’t mean you need to shout about it and rub it in people’s faces. If people want to live in the 1950s that’s up to them, moreover there are certain rules you should always stick to when embarking on a one night stand.

bondage one night stand

If you’re in a relationship, it is not acceptable to think, “it’s only a quickie – it doesn’t matter – he’ll/she’ll never find out” One nighters are reserved for the sin...

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Granny with tis out

Marrital Affairs – how NOT to get caught with a married granny
Do you get turned on by the idea of having a sexual relationship with someone who is not your partner? Whether you enjoy the secrecy of encounters, the excitement of sex with a new  mature partner or just simply you aren't getting enough in your current relationship we've created a list of how NOT to get caught when having an affair behind your partners back.

Keep emotions out of it. As soon as a relationship starts to blossom you know you are in trouble.  If your affair is only for sex then keep it at that. You don’t want to find yourself falling for this person because that wasn’t the agreement.
Ensure your new lover understands your situation.Affairs are great when both have spouses because you can then understand how to work around seeing one another. No jealousy or time wasting will happen. If you’ve chosen a single person to have your affair then ensure rules are kept to…and on that note.
Lay some ground rules. Before your first encounter...

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Would you shag this dirty older woman?

Aroused By Older Women: - Is this normal?
Have you ever found yourself sitting in a restaurant or bar with your mates and you notice a family sitting across the way, and you find yourself thinking or even fantasising about what it would be like to hook up with the mum or any other older women? Or is it even worse than this? Have you ever been on the bus into town to meet your mates and there’s been a lady of the more mature variety sitting in the priority seats at the front and you’ve thought to yourself, well she’s a bit of alright, I wonder if she’s looking for a younger stallion to show her the ropes. Well if either if either of these two thoughts have ever passed through your heads you wouldn’t be alone, these are common thoughts and should be fully embraced. The mature lady is exactly that! She’s more mature, knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid of going to get it, or welcoming it.

However, know this...there is a time and a place for everything and you need to know when and where is t...

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