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Our website is one of the most well-known brands in the genre of mature dating and granny sex. We have been delivering a superior service to our members since 2006.We are the original, and in our opinion best online erotic dating site. Just look at how we compare to the rest of the competition by clicking here.

So why do we think we are the best and most successful mature adult dating site? Well put quite simply, quality and experience. We have been continually working and improving on our brand and dating service we offer for over 6 years. During that time we have learnt a lot from our members and this has helped us shape the most exciting and user friendly dating platform out there.

We also put big efforts into attracting the right people for our site. That means marketing our brand and service in the right places, like for example Google, or Bing, where people have genuine intentions and questions regarding online dating, and grannydating.co.uk in particular. This effort in our marketing strategy ensures that we attract quality members to our mature site, ensuring that you are more likely to meet someone who shares the same intentions as you do. Whether that is to just flirt through messages, meet up as fuck buddies, or even start a relationship.

We provide you with the latest in online dating technology, and our platform is constantly evolving meaning as new features are requested by our members we are adding them into the site. This also means that our security checks are more thorough, stopping spammers, hackers and fake users from entering the site. This allows our members to message and meet, safe in the knowledge that they are doing so on a safe, and secure website. A website that also understands how important it is to safe guard our members privacy and confidentiality.

We provide a spam-free dating experience and we will never, ever, EVER, pass on your details to any third parties. Your profiles are safe with us until you delete them, and at this point they are removed from our system along with all traces of your actions and activities on our site. We also make sure not to put the name of our website on your bank statement, making sure you don’t have to worry about any awkward explanations to anyone who may get a hold of it.

We offer an intelligent, and user friendly website design and layout that works across PC and Mac, all popular browsers and versions including, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. We have even built a dedicated mobile site for members who would prefer to use the privacy of their smart phone. So as you can see we take all areas of your  experience very seriously, and are continually looking to improve them from the feedback we receive.

The best way to judge our success is by looking at our testimonials page. Here you can see what our current members have to say on our dating site and service, we are always interested in the feedback our members provide and believe it is integral in improving our website and brand.

GrannyDating.co.uk is in its very nature a controversial and unique mature dating site. But with that comes a real sense of excitement and naughtiness. This is exactly the type of environment you want to be part of when looking for potential mature fuck buddies or flirty hook-ups. This is the reason we started generating interest from members in other parts of the world, which led us to expand our website and brand to accommodate them. Our website and service is now accessible in not just the UK, but also in Australia, South Africa and even the United States.

So because of all these reasons we believe we are the world’s most successful and popular site at what we do. And we can promise you that we will keep striving to be ahead of all the competition and keep leading the field in this exciting mature dating genre. Finally I think it is only right to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal and dedicated members who have helped us become what we are today. Thank you.

Best Regards,

The GD Team