How to get the most from our site

Follow these tips and have more sex every day

  1. Upload a clear profile photo.
    When it comes to your profile you will definitely need a good clear photo of you to help you get the most from our website. You are 40% more likely to get a reply from someone you message and 60% more likely to receive a message from a granny if you have at least one profile photo on your profile. This doesn’t mean you have to show your face, it could just be a body shot, or you can use easy free photo editing software to blur your face. But we know once you see how open and honest all our members are, you will stop worrying and just have some fun with your photos.
  2. Say something about yourself
    This is the place to introduce yourself. It’s good to write a little something here as it gives any granny contact reading your profile the chance to get to know a little about you. Just remember to keep it short, and as rude as possible. Our mature members love hearing about your horny fantasies and what you want to do with an older woman in the sheets, so make sure you keep it as fun and as flirty as possible.
  3. Upgrade to premium membership for tons of added benefits

    Although we offer all our new members the chance to try our naughty online service for free, at some point you might want to upgrade your account so you can have access to all the premium tools and features that we offer. If you are serious about shagging a dirty older woman and are looking for the fastest possible way to get in bed with one, then we recommend upgrading your account straight away for a much faster, quicker and easier success rate.

  4. Make your messages exciting

    You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to contacting your favourite members. You will no doubt make a list of your favourite members in your local area, and then it’s a case of sending them a message, or receiving one from them. If you are going to send a message make sure it’s more creative and exciting then just, ‘Hi my name is… and I like films.’ That is boring and won’t get you much of a response. Are grannies love cheeky chaps, so make sure you are confident, cheeky but at the same time mysterious and interesting, this is your best possible chance of getting a reply.