Who would you rather… Nanny Pat or Dot cotton?

Who will win?
Who will win?

This week we asked a cross section of our members who they would rather jump into the sack with. Nanny Pat, Marks Wrights glamorous grandmother from the show “The only way is Essex”. Or Dot Cotton, the infamous launderette assistant from Eastenders.

Both of these women are sex symbols of their own right in our eyes but we were curious who would win in a head to head battle of who is the sexiest gran.

Both  Gilfs are now active on twitter both having their own twitter accounts. Click here to have a look at Nanny Pats and Dot cotton’s.

Millions of men across the world find themselves sexually attracted to the slightly more mature older lady. We think their maturity is the exact thing that draws us. Perhaps it’s the fact that we assume they have got a lot more experience so they are going to be better in bed. We have a database of hundreds of sexy older women all looking for a younger man to show them a good time.

Unfortunately Nanny Pat and Dot are not on here but if they are reading this, we have hundred of men who would love to meet you!

Over 2000 men cast their votes and we can officially reveal that the results came back with Dot being the hottest gilf out of the two with 59% vote.granny-results

Over the next few weeks we will do more vote offs just see who are members who love to jump into the sack with.

Happy hunting!

Mature Sex London

Ever fantasised about having an older woman at your beck and call? Recently mature sex in London has boomed. The younger generation are finding the older more attractive and we can completely see why. I mean why would you want an inexperienced girl when you can have a dominating woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it?
Let’s face it; age doesn’t really matter anymore when it comes to relationships and sex. If the girl or woman is hot then why should it matter? Realistically we all want someone who’s good in the sack and to be honest mature ladies really do hit the spot. They know how to detach their emotions from sexual activities and won’t bug you for ‘something more’.
You don’t even need to question how to find them because the internet has made it so easy for you. With numerous websites, dating sites and apps that enable you to simply browse until you find someone you are attracted to. There’s no awkward moment when you try to figure out if she is looking for a relationship or a casual fling because you will already know by the nature of the site she’s on. Once you’ve had a play around online, go take yourself outside and try picking up a woman at the local coffee store or bar, the thrill of doing this will boost your confidence (or knock it but let’s think positive). Just make sure you check for that ring on her finger before you go in for the kill, you don’t want to leave with a handprint planted on your face…
I’ll go over the basics of things you need to consider before and during your approach to having mature sex in London. We promise you that there are plenty of women out their who are longing for a younger guy to come along and make them feel attractive – so play up to it.
*Approach with caution. Don’t just approach any woman you like the look of, you need to assess the situation. If she’s with a child keep your distance unless she gives you the eye…you’re looking for hassle and baggage free remember. Check for a ring on her finger. Look out for body language, if she is scanning the room or has messaged you first online or on an app then she is sending positive signals. A way to illuminate the confusion is simply just to sign up to an adult hook-up site online – it will illuminate all of the questioning & could link you up with some granny sex in London that evening.
*Play up on your age. Not too much, just enough to let her know that she can still pull a younger man. She will love the attention and will be flattered that someone years younger than her is interested. Shows that she ‘still has it’ so compliment her and make her feel special. You want her in the palm of your hands.
*Judge her needs & let her book the time & place. You’ll want a woman who likes to be in charge, so let her set the arrangements. Don’t appear lazy but just let her know she has control over the situation – hopefully then in the bedroom you’ll see the same happen. Let her show you the ropes, that’s what you want isn’t it? Her to be in control right.
*Take your pen and paper. Okay, not literally. But you will want to note things down for future reference. She will teach you so much more than a younger woman ever will. Just think of the experience, the confidence she has with her body and how she uses it. You will want to take the experience with you and put it into practise at a later date.

5 British Comedians caught having sex with Grannies!

We are always interested to know how many people in the public eye, also have eyes for older women.  We send out some of our top “GrannyDating paps” out a year ago to see what they might discover and some of the images they caught are truly shocking!

In fact, so many celebs have been caught in the act with these older women that we have had to separate them up into categories. This week we are going to reveal the top 5 British comic’s that have been caught with their pants down.

Number 5. Keith lemon!

Keith Lemon getting a hand job off a granny

Caught having a handjob

Hardly that surprising, this comedian was caught several time in the act. This image was papped in a Travelodge in the East End.


Number 4 Russell Brand

Russell brand caught spooning his granny
Big Spoon

Just after his divorce, Russell went back to his secret fetish of having sex with older women. This image was taken in a small motel just outside LA

Number 3.. Russell Howard

Russell Howard doing reverse cowgirl
Cheeky wink as he discovers he is being “papped”

Russell Howard enjoying  the fruits of his labour here, although for some reason, she seems more shocked to see our camera men, than he does.

Number 2. Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr having a quick feel
Don’t try and hide Jimmy!

Caught having a feel in this image here, Jimmy Carr, starts at the bottom and works his way up his grannies.

And finally…….. Alan Carr???

Alan Carr getting a blowjob of this granny
This is just getting silly now!


Now this is shocking for several reasons. Who would of thought, even Alan Carr enjoys a good blow job off a granny every now and then!

Nothing in this post is real


One Night Stands the do’s and don’ts

Granny with tis out
Looking for a one night stand

With a noticeable shift in people’s opinions of sex in the last 10 years it is becoming more and more acceptable for people to lead more promiscuous lives, and why not I ask! We are animals after all and have sex with members of the opposite sex, or same sex for that matter is perfectly normal and should be encouraged, not hidden away and not spoken about, this is 2014 for crying out loud!!

However although it is a perfectly normal activity, this doesn’t mean you need to shout about it and rub it in people’s faces. If people want to live in the 1950s that’s up to them, moreover there are certain rules you should always stick to when embarking on a one night stand.

  1. Bondage sex
    bondage one night stand

    If you’re in a relationship, it is not acceptable to think, “it’s only a quickie – it doesn’t matter – he’ll/she’ll never find out” One nighters are reserved for the single folk of the world, sorry that’s just one of the rules! There is a reason for this, if you’re in a relationship and want to experience some fun with other people there are ways around this, but have nonchalant sex is not the way, cheating on your partner requires more planning than that!

  2. Remember why you’re going out to find your one off bit of fun. If you go out with the intention of having a one nighter, remember who ever you start talking/dancing/flirting with will catch onto this and if you change your mind at some point in the night, get out whilst you can, safety is key, you don’t want to find yourself in a tricky situation.
  3. The next thing to bear in mind is three vital, but very simple steps. Be open with whoever you want to get involved with, this is a quick fuck, treat it as such, don’t get drawn into anything such as regular meets, this will only act as confusion for both parties. Be safe, the last thing you want to do is end up with a nasty little infection or any unwanted little dudes running around – both parties are responsible for the use of protection.
  4. The final tip on the agenda is the most important: Don’t feel ashamed!! There is nothing to feel embarrassed about if you indulge in a little frisky fun after hours, as long as you are safe, choose your partners with care and keep yourself safe.

With these four tips in mind there is no reason as to why you can’t go out there, get a little bit boozy and have some fun with some people who are looking for the exact same thing as you are. Good Luck!!

Marrital Affairs – how NOT to get caught with a married granny

Would you shag this dirty older woman?Do you get turned on by the idea of having a sexual relationship with someone who is not your partner? Whether you enjoy the secrecy of encounters, the excitement of sex with a new  mature partner or just simply you aren’t getting enough in your current relationship we’ve created a list of how NOT to get caught when having an affair behind your partners back.

  1. Keep emotions out of it. As soon as a relationship starts to blossom you know you are in trouble.  If your affair is only for sex then keep it at that. You don’t want to find yourself falling for this person because that wasn’t the agreement.
  2. Ensure your new lover understands your situation.Affairs are great when both have spouses because you can then understand how to work around seeing one another. No jealousy or time wasting will happen. If you’ve chosen a single person to have your affair then ensure rules are kept to…and on that note.
  3. Lay some ground rules. Before your first encounter with this new lover ensure you are both on the same page. Set some guide lines of when is acceptable to be contacted and when is not, where to meet etc.
  4. Change his/her name in your mobile phonebook. Simple yet effective. If you receive a text and your other half sees a message from someone the opposite sex then suspicion will arise. So to defeat this, change their name to someone of the same sex. Something not too out of the ordinary.if you want to meet a granny to fuck join us now
  5. Don’t tell anyone about your affair. As trustworthy you think your friend is, it’s not worth taking the risk and telling them. Keep it as your dirty little secret, as it is. If you start telling people then then it could get back to your spouse.
  6. Keep contact to the bare minimum. If texts are exchanged, save the name as something different. If emails are to and fro consider setting up a separate email account that you only ever access via your phone. Not your shared computer or iPad
  7. If your spouse gets any hint of affair then abort all contact. If you are sending images, videos, messages anything via transaction via your bank, suspend all immediately. Do not be silly enough to pay for hotels on a joint account hoping they won’t notice! Wherever your partner can see any hint of unusual activity you will be quizzed we warn you!

If all this secrecy and risk has turned you on then why not sign up for a Free trial at grannydating.co.uk and see how many married grannies and GILFs you can fuck? Our membership trial is open to anyone looking to shag older women, but be warned it’s highly addictive!

Aroused By Older Women: – Is this normal?

Meet grannies like this for sexHave you ever found yourself sitting in a restaurant or bar with your mates and you notice a family sitting across the way, and you find yourself thinking or even fantasising about what it would be like to hook up with the mum or any other older women? Or is it even worse than this? Have you ever been on the bus into town to meet your mates and there’s been a lady of the more mature variety sitting in the priority seats at the front and you’ve thought to yourself, well she’s a bit of alright, I wonder if she’s looking for a younger stallion to show her the ropes. Well if either if either of these two thoughts have ever passed through your heads you wouldn’t be alone, these are common thoughts and should be fully embraced. The mature lady is exactly that! She’s more mature, knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid of going to get it, or welcoming it.

However, know this…there is a time and a place for everything and you need to know when and where is the best place to fulfil these fantasies.

Restaurant: This is a no go! If you see a seasoned lady out with family and find yourself aroused, do not act on it. You need to make sure that whatever you do, you don’t embarrass anyone, especially yourself! There’s only one thing more embarrassing than being hit on when you’re out with your family and that is being shot down by someone, who’s out with the family, whilst you’re with your mates!

The local bar/club: Now this is a little bit different, in a bar or club, the odds are ever so slightly more in your favour. Firstly, it’s very unlikely that the mature woman you’re after has ventured into the establishment you’re in with her family. Now, if she’s in the bar or club with a group of her friends there are two reasons for this, she’s married and is enjoying a night out with her girls, or she’s single and out with her girls, if it’s the latter, this doesn’t give you free reign, BUT, it does mean you can at least try and instigate some sort of contact. To be safe start off with eye contact, if she reciprocates, well, see how you get on.

So many hot grannies available at grannydating.co.ukOnline: The third and final option you have is likely to be the most successful/least embarrassing/more enjoyable. There are multiple advantages to exploring your new found arousal from mature woman through online dating. There is many a site out there that caters for all types of fetishes, sites like ours, grannydating.co.uk. The main advantage to looking online is that you are pretty much guaranteed that whoever you are talking to is just as interested in your funky fetish as you are. Moreover, you’re given the choice over who you talk to and try it on with. It will be like shooting fish in a barrel

In conclusion, know your audience, think about where you, but always remember the worst thing she will say is no!

Best Granny Site

Every week I plan to upload saucy images of some of our naughty grannies just  as a bit of entertainment however, the best thing is that these women are real and are currently looking for sex in the uk!

About www.Grannydating.co.uk

Looking for a dateWe lauched back in 2006. We started with a site called dirty over thirty dating and moved to filthy over fifty dating (all the way up to sexy over seventy dating!) and we realised that there seemed to be a huge interest for women over 50. That is how the idea came about. We then put a lot of work together creating what is now our biggest and best known brand GrannyDating.

The site was almost an instant hit with men and women signing up from all over the uk. Since then the site has gone from strengths to strengths. Over the years we have had people messaging in saying that they have found the love of their lives and are getting married. We have also had a lot of people saying that they have started having affairs in their fifties and are really starting to enjoy life again.

Granny Seeking sexEither way we are not here to judge, our main aim was to try and help people with their love lives. The world has come along way over the last 10 years. With the internet exploding into everyone’s homes. These days you just cant live without it. It has revolutionised the way we live and I personally believe the biggest way it has effected our lives is online dating. With one in three of us having tried online dating there is never a limit of people to meet online.

We are the biggest mature dating website on the net with over 500 people signing up each day we literally have over 1 million members for you to meet.

Reservations about online dating

Even though meeting people online has become a lot more acceptable there is still a small stigma attached and this seems to be because of three main reasons.

  1. People afraid that other users are fake
  2. Not thinking they will find anyone
  3. Not knowing which is the best sites for them

Let me address these three points in order to try to ease your worries.

However we wanted to validate our users further so we have recently partnered up with online dating protector. With these two elements  put together you can rest assured you are in safe handsOur number one aim is to try and help you find a suitable match so you can increase your sex lives. Over the years we have constantly come up with new way to try and stop “time wasters” signing up to our site. From out point of view we would rather have less people signing up a day who were all interested in meeting up for sex rather than twice the amount of people who were just browsing. To combat this, a year ago we set up a team of people to work around the clock checking every single profile. If any of the profiles looked dodgy, we contact the user directly in order to make sure they are legitimate. If there are any doubts what so ever the profile would be blocked.

We really have gone to huge lengths to insure that our customers are safe and secure when on the site. I hope this has helped sooth any worries about signing up to a dating site. Let us know which you choose. (I hope its us!)


Using our filtering system.

As mentioned in a few of our other blogs, one of the main reasons our dating site is better at finding you sex is because of our unique filtering system.

Hundred of people sign up to grannydating.co.uk every single day. So how are you supposed to find the right match for you as quickly as possible?

When we first released the site, we just let people browse for some basic stuff like hair colour, height, location etc.

But soon enough we realised that this wasn’t enough. Then the thought dawned on us. Since this is a site to help you get more sex, why don’t we allow members to search based on their sexual tastes? Give people the power to find others who have the same sexual fantasies.

Sorting people into their sexual interests.

Image of search feature
Choose what you would like to search by

We decided to get people to tick what they enjoyed doing in the bedroom as they signed up. One list of what you enjoyed happening to you such as oral sex and one list for what you enjoyed doing to others (rimming or swinging)

This was the first step. It meant we could put people into groups. Great for when you are trying to find someone with similar sexual tastes.


Now there are several ways you can whittle down the thousands of search results to the women you would like to have sex with. Please watch the video at the bottom of this page to see how to do this.

Once you have signed up you will be given the search feature.

At the beginning you can enter your location and the age of the woman you would like to find.

Then you can enter hair colour and even size of the women you would like to meet. As you

Pick your members through their sexual tastes
Choose from multiple sexual tastes

can see from the video, you can be quite specific here.

Then you can click interests, from there you can enter any of your sexual preferences.

Each time you do, you will notice the amount of women is reduced. This is because you are refining your search.

Something else you will notice from the video is how many other options there are.  I would suggest to keep entering in as many fields as you can until you have less than 30 women to choose from.

Remember, as with most dating sites, you have more chance of meeting up with the women you have more in common with. The more interests of yours you can enter, the more likely these women will be to want to meet up.

So if you decide you want to meet a chubby granny in Liverpool, who has blonde hair and loves giving blowjobs, you can easily search for this on our website.

Another alternative, which most men enjoy is to perform a different sexual act at different times during the week. Perhaps you would like to go dogging on a Wednesday night, but fancy a night in with some oral sex on a Saturday. Why not search for women with different interest and meet up with a different woman every night of the week?

Why not sign up and have a free search for yourself. You never know, you might be having sex within the next week with a woman of your dreams!

Looking for grannies in stockings?

Our dirty granny members love wearing stockings & underwear!

granny in sexy black outfitGood day. We are back with another informative yet sexy post to excite your senses and question your turn-ons. Today we are talking about granny stockings – why are they in decline, what’s making dirty women stop buying them, and most importantly do guys even like a mature in garters, suspenders or stockings? Let’s start by addressing the latter question. If you are a member at grannydating.co.uk I think you’ll unequivocally agree that yes, our older female members love dressing up in all sorts of erotic dressage and underwear to tease, and spoil their younger sex date.

Even though statistics suggest that the sale of stockings has been in decline we can safely reassure you that on our adult site they are well and truly alive and kicking, just like the grannies who wear them are! One theory we have here is that it’s a generation thing, perhaps the older a lady is, the more of a connection she has to such an erotic item. I mean let’s not forget women have been wearing stockings since the 1920’s and nylon was introduced into their production in 1940. So since this item is entrenched in history and a background that stretches more towards our grandmas era, it might explain why the obsession still remains. After-all this sexy type of tight really is an item of their generation and might go some way to explaining why it still remains so popular with our members on granny-dating UK.

Why do men like suspenders and stockings?

hot older woman poses for her lovers camera in sexy erotic lingerieThere have been many questions raised over the exact reason suspenders and that alike drive guys so wild. It’s been suggested that clothing like this could be likened to that of wrapping paper around a present. Sometimes it’s not actually the gift inside that gives you the most satisfaction, but the anticipation of unwrapping it. However in terms of our mature sex dating service, we can categorically say that it is always the present inside that will give you the most fun. But regardless of that, the wrapping is still part of the package, and builds up the lust and passion that makes you just want to rip it off and delve right in.

The other reason this item is such a turn-on for guys is down to the overall look and what that says to a man. If you look at it from the ladies point of view, wearing suspenders will empower them, helping them feel sophisticated, smart and above all sexy. This enables them to feel like they have more control within any sexual encounter, to dominate the man and show him how to behave. This in turn fuels a males erection, because let’s face it, being a younger guy and having a lady in garters straddle your dick, push aside her red undies and slot you in, can be nothing more than simply bliss.

Tights Vs Stockings – the debate continues..

According to a survey conducted by men’s magazine Mondo, it turned out that guys in the UK didn’t find stockings to be much of a turn on any more, and a huge percent more preferred women in tights… The reason for this is put down to one simple fact, that they are just too old fashioned for the modern man. However, this isn’t true in all cases, within the 36% of men who did like to see a woman in stockings a whopping 83% said they liked stockings on a woman whose age was over 50. We put the question to you, is it not the item, but more the wearer of that item that makes the difference? We have already established that this item is perhaps older than similar underwear trends like thongs, g-strings, push up bra’s, etc. So could it just be that wearing something like this only works on a lady who can pull it off? We think so, and we would have to admit our younger male members do as well. This is point is further driven home when you look at the 2,700 unique monthly searches in the UK for the term, ‘granny stockings’ – proving that when it comes to grannies, stockings are still very much, ‘in fashion’.

What about garter belts on women?

meet more grannies and see more photos of garter belts and suspendersNow garter belts, although still having deep historic connections, and of course being extremely uncomfortable to wear for a female, has in fact continued it’s popularity. It’s a sensual form of erotica, as simple as it is appeasing to the eye, which has probably led to consistent interest. But the really interesting concept here is the combination of the garter belt attached with the knee high silk stocking. Now this is the real money driver for guys wanting something a little extra special from their mature sex date. When worn together the outfit really scream, ‘sexy’. We asked a few of our members exactly what it was that made this combination such a huge item of arousal. In their majority they said the look was exciting and sexy, again a lot made reference to the granny looking more dominating, and all together more powerful. We were especially interested in what one member had to say, “It’s the area of naked fleshy thigh, between the bottom of the garter down to the top of the stocking that is so tantalizing.” This really got us thinking, we had never really looked at it on this sort of level, normally we think of the duo as a package that individually compliment each other so well. So to hear this take on it got us thinking about the idea of that one lonesome bit of flesh, and we noticed how it relates back to the concept of wrapping paper. Just having that tiny sneak peak of flesh, is what really get us going, knowing that under that garter and stocking combination is a more ready for the taking.

Show me more pics and  older members please.

If this post has got you all hot around the crotch area, you might be interested to know that one of the best, and biggest places to view a high calibre amount of mature ladies rocking stockings, garters, suspenders, and other items of erotica is right here on our dating site. We have literally thousands of photos of older gals have taken of themselves wearing all types of underwear, what’s even better is that they are all amateurs which makes for an altogether much steamier look. If you are interested in checking out what our members have to offer, click here for your free membership trial.

busty granny

Meet a busty gran tonight!

Attractive gran with big tits in braAre you looking to satisfy a deep, dark locked away sexual urge? Does your fetish come in the shape of an older, big boobed granny? Well welcome to the club my friend! We have helped millions of members like you get their titillating kicks by setting horny guys up with busty grannies all over the UK. Mature women are hot, no two ways about, they are willing to use their experience and foresight to show guys half their age a really good time in the bedroom.  So if you’ve ever had the curiosity or interest to make love to a big-tit mature then you really should follow your dick, and try out grannydating.co.uk today. Even if you just get as far as our free membership trial, you’ll be one step closer to fulfilling your fantasy, and making it a reality.

Are you a boob kinda guy?

If you would describe yourself as a boob-kinda-guy than we can offer you a dating site full of older, big ol’ titties. Some guys can’t get enough of a lady with a nice pair, whether they sit up high or swing down low the thoughts of sucking on some meaty puppies is enough to pump blood around any mans cock at a million miles per hour. The thing that makes this whole partnership that even more sweeter is that a sexy senior has incredibly sensitive tits you love to touch. The combination of age and having them handled so readily, means if you start chowing down on those fun-bags boy she is going to love it.

Do big tits turn you on?

busty dirty older women love giving tit wanks at grannydting ukWhat size is your perfect 10 on 10? C cup, DD? How about E, or even an F? Now we are talking some seriously big boobies. If your dick does a dance over the idea of being stuck between a pair of oiled up bangers, then you’ll want to drop a message to some of our dirty members. They are wild for a good old tit-wank, and love nothing more than making a man spill his hot load all over their saggy cleavage, and licking it all off like the polite ladies they are. The other thing that drives guys crazy for busy beauties is watching their sacks of joy swing around as they fuck them every way possible. Whether it’s doggy, grabbing some side-boob from behind, or cowgirl and having them bounce up and down on your face. Both scenarios are absolute bliss to a boob man.

Want to oil up a pair of mature heavy hangers?

use oil for a really sensual tit wankIf you like many men, like the idea of rubbing oil into the aged skin of a pair of granny bangers than you’ll want to make sure you’re using the right oil to the best effect. There are a variety of different types of oils you can use, and are very much dependant on the skin sensitivity and how much you’re willing to invest. Some couples have had great results with natural oils, like Coconut oil, or even fish oil, although we would only recommend the latter if you’re okay with smelling of trout, or you’re planning on having a hot, steamy shower later for a busty-rub-down. To air on the side of caution we recommend using something like a bio oil, this is good for stretch marks, which some older women will have, also smells nice and is relatively cheap to buy.

Browse 1000s of busty profiles on our dating site.

If all this talk of boobies has got you gagging to get your hands and mouth around some big ol’ melons then there is no better time to try out our adult dating site. With millions of members active throughout the UK, you can be sure to find a grany slag with an interest in getting her aged puppies out. Likewise, if you’re not really much of a boob guy, then we have members who are open and willing to try all sorts, from dogging to BDSM, if you can think of it will have someone whose interested in it. Try it all now for free at grannydating.co.uk.