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5 British Comedians caught having sex with Grannies!

We are always interested to know how many people in the public eye, also have eyes for older women.  We send out some of our top “GrannyDating paps” out a year ago to see what they might discover and some of the images they caught are truly shocking!

In fact, so many celebs have been caught in the act with these older women that we have had to separate them up into categories. This week we are going to reveal the top 5 British comic’s that have been caught with their pants down.

Number 5. Keith lemon!

Keith Lemon getting a hand job off a granny

Caught having a handjob

Hardly that surprising, this comedian was caught several time in the act. This image was papped in a Travelodge in the East End.


Number 4 Russell Brand

Russell brand caught spooning his granny
Big Spoon

Just after his divorce, Russell went back to his secret fetish of having sex with older women. This image was taken in a small motel just outside LA

Number 3.. Russell Howard

Russell Howard doing reverse cowgirl
Cheeky wink as he discovers he is being “papped”

Russell Howard enjoying  the fruits of his labour here, although for some reason, she seems more shocked to see our camera men, than he does.

Number 2. Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr having a quick feel
Don’t try and hide Jimmy!

Caught having a feel in this image here, Jimmy Carr, starts at the bottom and works his way up his grannies.

And finally…….. Alan Carr???

Alan Carr getting a blowjob of this granny
This is just getting silly now!


Now this is shocking for several reasons. Who would of thought, even Alan Carr enjoys a good blow job off a granny every now and then!

Nothing in this post is real


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