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A quickie in the sack with an older girl is now officially the new trend.

A recent study has shown that women in their more senior years can arouse a man much quicker than a woman half their age. London psychologists put this down to one simple word; experience. Whether these women are placing an erotic instrument up certain parts of the body to cause pleasure or stroking at the optimum speed, the fact remains that a woman in her later years draws upon the experience of sleeping with many men of all walks of life and cultures.

experienced woman

Never has the older woman been in such demand. The greying hairs of wisdom put simply, can arouse the interests of men particularly from Europe and America. London psychologists found that it is within these cultures that woman of experience (not just sexually, but experience in cooking, driving, musical instruments) get respect. Respect is one of the ingredients of sexual stimulation and men reduce to putty in the hands of the older lady. American psychologists based in Washington have gone a step further to identify that once the intercourse has taken place between a man and the old lady, the man does not simply usher her out of the door, quite the opposite, he talks to her, he finds out her interests, what makes her happy in her general day to day life. In fact, they discovered that one of the few ways the older lady finds true love is through the process of making love to a much younger man in his 30s and 40s. got asked by the American psychologists to see if they could shed light on this growing phrase of older ladies having sexual relations younger men. They commented “we are just happy to be the provider that allows men to find these raunchy ladies, life should be lived, and its no point in living if you don’t feel alive”.

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