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mature escort in london

Mature escorting London

mature lady escortingIf you are sitting in front of your computer right now researching mature escorting services in London it means you are probably looking to have sex with a granny or an older woman who enjoys sex.

In this blog we are going to discuss some pros and cons of going to an escorting service and the pros and cons of signing up to a mature dating site full of women who enjoy sex.

Pros and cons of a mature dating service.

1. The biggest con of signing up to a escort service is the fact that it is expensive. Ok, if you are looking for a quick shag then there are plenty of massage parlors you can go to in London for a cheap shag. If you are looking to go to a higher class escort service then you are going to be paying a lot more money even over £600 for one night
2. No one gets hurt, if you are simply looking for no strings attached sex then paying for it is a sure fire way of making sure that no one gets emotionally attached. This means no crying or moaning. If you want to fuck someone else a month down the line then just pay for a shag with someone else.
3. No messaging and trying to persuade her into bed. A quick payment and she is yours to do whatever you want. Also to further this, if one night you decide you want to do something a little more adventurous then simply pay her a little more.
4. You can drop her for a few months and she isn’t going to wonder why.

Pros of a dating site

london mature escort1. You could meet someone who is the same as you and just looking for no strings attached fun. If you are compatible you could save yourself a hell of a lot of money and meet up regularly for free.
2. The sex will be more passionate. Lets face it; if you are paying someone for sex then they are only doing it for the money. If you meet someone online then they are looking to shag you as much as you are looking to shag them, it will feel a lot more real.
3. It is more rewarding fucking someone who wants to fuck you than just shagging someone who is doing it for the cash.
4. If you are shagging someone from an escort service you have to come to terms with the fact that you are probably the eights person they have fucked that day. You are just a number to them
5. There is a far greater selection of people to choose from online. Most escort services only have about 20-30 women on their books. Online we have thousands of members for you to choose from. A much better selection.

These are some of the pros and cons of using an escort service and dating sites. The rest is up to you!

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filthy mature woman in leeds

Meet a filthy mature women in Leeds

granny sex in leedsLeeds is full of filthy mature women, Whether you are looking for a horny granny in leeds or an older escort who can give you a fantastic blowjob, then look no further. is the UK’s biggest and best dating site for hooking up with older women in your local area. Whether you are in Morley or Pudsey, we know that you want to meet women who live you your local area. You are not going to want to travel outside Leeds to have your next shag with a horny gilf. In fact, in an ideal world you only really want to travel up to 15 mins to meet up with your old fuck buddy. This is where we are here to help.

What makes Grannydating so successful?

mature woman seeking sex leedsThe only problem with shagging random women is that you don’t really know where your next shag is going to come from. Are you going to randomly meet a gilf in Sainburies or will you meet her in a pub somewhere. Wouldn’t it be better to literally see on a map where these women are located. that is where we can help. Once you have signed up to this site, you can enter your post code and we will show you women who live close to you in order of distance. So you will know who lives the closest and the furthest away. Then if you see a women who lives a couple of streets away who is looking for a shag, you might find that you can meet up with her in the evenings for a quick shag. Then if you find another woman who is better looking you can travel a bit further to meet up with her.

It is all about ease!

Our sign up process is a 5 step sign up process so it takes minutes to sign up. We require no credit card details at all so you know that we are not going to be secretly taking money off your card.

Do I have to pay to meet these horny older women in leeds?

No you can sign up for free and browse around thousands of local leeds sluts. However, if you do want to meet up with a woman, you might want to buy her a gift or send her a few saucy messages. If you want to do this then you do have to pay. But done worry, if you are nervous about entering your details into our database, why not call up our 24 hours help line and we can take the payment over the phone.

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Increase the amount of sex your having today! was created back in 2006. We are the longest running and biggest mature sex dating site in the UK. Because we have more people on our site, we have more selection for you to choose from. When it comes to online dating, the more selection the better the site. Because of this, our site has grown and grown. We have well over 1000 women signing up to the site each week, looking for more mature sex in their lives. If you are looking to increase your granny contacts, this could be the perfect site for you.

100% Real Grannies looking for Real Sex

Our main aim has always been to help men have more sex with horny grandmothers.  Online dating has got a bad reputation recently from lots of sex dating sites creating fake profiles in order to get men to hand over credit card details. We are proud to say we have never set up a single fake profile and actually go out of our way, to make sure that the members you are speaking to on the site are legitimate members looking for sex.

We have a small team of people who work 7 days a week, verifying every single profile that is uploaded. Any profiles that don’t seem like real people, who are genuinely looking for sex, we contact directly. If they are fake users, we get rid of them straight away. Many of our member’s appreciate the fact that they know they are always speaking to real people. It means they can concentrate on more fun activities, like flirting and arranging sex meet-ups.

 granny sex dates

Great sex-matching facilities

Find the right granny and there is no reason you couldn’t meet up with her week after week for smoking granny sex. The question is, how do you find the right granny for you out of a site with over 300,000 members? The answer is, using our filtering system. If you whittle your results down to the people you have the most in common with with, there is a much higher chance you will meet up for sex, offline.

Because this is a sex site, it is important that we give you ways to filter your results down to the people who have similar sexual interests to you. Feel free to filter your results down to the women who have the same sexual positions and sexual fantasies as you.

Once you have whittled down your results, you will be left with the members who are much more likely to want to meet up. This will ultimately lead to more sex.

Make a magnetic profile

One of the most important ways to attract older women is to have a complete profile. Here are some of our top tips on creating a profile that women will radiate towards.

  1. Have more than one image and make sure that the main image is of your face. Remember, you might be really proud of the size of your dick, but if that is your profile picture, women will be much less likely to want to click on and see more. Remember, these horny old women might be looking for a shag, but when you’re fucking them, they’re not going to be looking at your dick. They will want to know what your face looks like. Even if you don’t like your face and think you have better features, a face profile is likely to get your more clicks. (You can always add more images but always prioritise the face shot.)
  2. Make your profile information short and sweet. You don’t have to talk about all your hobbies. Remembers this is a sex dating site. You can afford to be more direct. Talk about your sexual interests; talk about when you would like to meet up. Not many people will read your whole profile until they have decided that they want to meet up for sex. (But lots of people will read the first couple of lines. Make these lines more important, then you can talk about yourself later.)

So for example the first few lines could be “ I’m on here looking for more regular sex, happy to meet up for a couple of dates but only really looking for a good hard shag”. Then you could go on to talk about your fantasies in more detail.

If you have any odd fantasies, make sure you include them; you never know who might have similar ones who might want to meet up just to do them.

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Granny Dating Ireland

Granny-Dating-IrelandLooking for horny women, someone with no baggage or strings attached, a lady who just wants some good old fashioned sex? Well granny dating Ireland is the way to go. No longer do you need to need to bother with difficult girls, get yourself a granny who knows exactly how to please a man.

If you think about it, older woman have so much more on someone your age. Not only have they had years to master the art of how to pleasure a man, they will be more than likely willing to take anything they are offered as it’s not every day that they are offered sex from a young attractive man. Your possibilities of getting lucky are pretty high with our Irish Database.

With thousands and thousands of older women out there looking for some causal sex there hasn’t been a better time to get finding your own sexy granny. It’s not realistic to think that you will be able to meet her down your local or at a bar because, well they just don’t hang out like you do. But just because they aren’t out in the evenings flaunting themselves like the 20 something year olds, doesn’t mean these women aren’t available.

The perks of the internet now days allows you to find single women living near you, which makes hook-ups oh so much easier. There are no awkward moments , where you both try to figure out who is looking for what or whether she will be offended if you try it on straight away. You can get straight down to the nitty gritty right away. Remember to treat her like a woman and do your best to be a gentleman to her, she will be flattered that a younger man with good manners is interested and you have a much better.

Allow me to introduce you to a few tips on how to get yourself on the Irish scene:

*Make your online presence known. Your profile needs to represent you at your best as first options really do count when it comes to online dating. So choose wisely. Show her your best assets and she’ll show you hers. Intrigue her.

*Be a gentleman. Older women and grannies will go for guys who know how to treat a woman. So be a gentleman at first, show her that you are a young man who is willing to impress. Although don’t play up on the ‘young’ too much, it will make her feel out of place and older than she actually is.

*Flirt and make her feel desirable again. It wouldn’t be very often that she is approached by a younger man so shower her with compliments, make her feel good, the more you do this the more likely she is to warm to you. If a man makes a woman feel younger and special then well she is putty in your hands.

*Let her make the plans. Make sure she is comfortable with the set up, allow her to plan when and where you hook-up. Leaving the all-important planning will allow her to feel like she is in control. Something you want to reflect in the bedroom.

*Be adventurous. As with all new experiences, be open to new things. Let her teach you new tricks and show her the moves you have. These grannies really can be worth the while so give them a chance.

So if you are looking for a fun time, with no strings attached then get searching for grannydating Ireland. They will be jumping for some fresh talent so get yourself in and find your way around. Let the grannies show you a trick or two.

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A quickie in the sack with an older girl is now officially the new trend.

A recent study has shown that women in their more senior years can arouse a man much quicker than a woman half their age. London psychologists put this down to one simple word; experience. Whether these women are placing an erotic instrument up certain parts of the body to cause pleasure or stroking at the optimum speed, the fact remains that a woman in her later years draws upon the experience of sleeping with many men of all walks of life and cultures.

experienced woman

Never has the older woman been in such demand. The greying hairs of wisdom put simply, can arouse the interests of men particularly from Europe and America. London psychologists found that it is within these cultures that woman of experience (not just sexually, but experience in cooking, driving, musical instruments) get respect. Respect is one of the ingredients of sexual stimulation and men reduce to putty in the hands of the older lady. American psychologists based in Washington have gone a step further to identify that once the intercourse has taken place between a man and the old lady, the man does not simply usher her out of the door, quite the opposite, he talks to her, he finds out her interests, what makes her happy in her general day to day life. In fact, they discovered that one of the few ways the older lady finds true love is through the process of making love to a much younger man in his 30s and 40s. got asked by the American psychologists to see if they could shed light on this growing phrase of older ladies having sexual relations younger men. They commented “we are just happy to be the provider that allows men to find these raunchy ladies, life should be lived, and its no point in living if you don’t feel alive”.

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Sex symbol Mary Berry inspires granny lovers to get in on the action at

Mary Berry, queen of the kitchen, is enjoying sex symbol status following her inclusion in this year’s FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World list. In the FHM readers poll, Mary ranked at number 73 –  proving that the power of the older woman.FHM_Mary_Berry say it’s no surprise the popular TV chef has ended up on the list. The dating website, specifically for people who want to meet a sexy older woman, has seen the number of new members signing up double as men and women turned their previously taboo desires into reality. The dating site now benefits from over 100,000 members looking for casual connections and hopes the list will help turn the granny fetish into a mainstream interest.

It looks as though FHM readers agree with the dating site’s members. After all, the sassy 80 year old beat off stiff competition to whisk her way into the readers’ top 100 poll, even if her nomination started off as a bit of fun for some. Mary now shares the same pages as women less than half her age, pitting her sexual maturity alongside younger female celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.

Phil Harris, founder of the granny fetish site, said:

It’s not a shock to us, or our members, to see Mary Berry in FHM’s list. If our members had their way, Mary would be top of the list, along with other TV personalities like Barbara Windsor or Nanny Pat.

We know most men have fantasized about getting under the sheets with an experienced older woman, even if it’s just out of sheer curiosity. But we also know that a lot of guys keep their desires for older women a secret, which is why we started over 8 years ago.

What started off as a relatively small community has grown to more than 100,000 members. This suggests to us that a granny fetish is a common interest that millions of men want to explore.

Ultimately, no one should feel ashamed about fancying a woman like Mary Berry – she deserves to be on the sexiest list as much as her Victoria Sponge recipe deserves to be in your kitchen.


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Who would you rather… Nanny Pat or Dot cotton?

Who will win?
Who will win?

This week we asked a cross section of our members who they would rather jump into the sack with. Nanny Pat, Marks Wrights glamorous grandmother from the show “The only way is Essex”. Or Dot Cotton, the infamous launderette assistant from Eastenders.

Both of these women are sex symbols of their own right in our eyes but we were curious who would win in a head to head battle of who is the sexiest gran.

Both  Gilfs are now active on twitter both having their own twitter accounts. Click here to have a look at Nanny Pats and Dot cotton’s.

Millions of men across the world find themselves sexually attracted to the slightly more mature older lady. We think their maturity is the exact thing that draws us. Perhaps it’s the fact that we assume they have got a lot more experience so they are going to be better in bed. We have a database of hundreds of sexy older women all looking for a younger man to show them a good time.

Unfortunately Nanny Pat and Dot are not on here but if they are reading this, we have hundred of men who would love to meet you!

Over 2000 men cast their votes and we can officially reveal that the results came back with Dot being the hottest gilf out of the two with 59% vote.granny-results

Over the next few weeks we will do more vote offs just see who are members who love to jump into the sack with.

Happy hunting!

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Mature Sex London

Ever fantasised about having an older woman at your beck and call? Recently mature sex in London has boomed. The younger generation are finding the older more attractive and we can completely see why. I mean why would you want an inexperienced girl when you can have a dominating woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it?
Let’s face it; age doesn’t really matter anymore when it comes to relationships and sex. If the girl or woman is hot then why should it matter? Realistically we all want someone who’s good in the sack and to be honest mature ladies really do hit the spot. They know how to detach their emotions from sexual activities and won’t bug you for ‘something more’.
You don’t even need to question how to find them because the internet has made it so easy for you. With numerous websites, dating sites and apps that enable you to simply browse until you find someone you are attracted to. There’s no awkward moment when you try to figure out if she is looking for a relationship or a casual fling because you will already know by the nature of the site she’s on. Once you’ve had a play around online, go take yourself outside and try picking up a woman at the local coffee store or bar, the thrill of doing this will boost your confidence (or knock it but let’s think positive). Just make sure you check for that ring on her finger before you go in for the kill, you don’t want to leave with a handprint planted on your face…
I’ll go over the basics of things you need to consider before and during your approach to having mature sex in London. We promise you that there are plenty of women out their who are longing for a younger guy to come along and make them feel attractive – so play up to it.
*Approach with caution. Don’t just approach any woman you like the look of, you need to assess the situation. If she’s with a child keep your distance unless she gives you the eye…you’re looking for hassle and baggage free remember. Check for a ring on her finger. Look out for body language, if she is scanning the room or has messaged you first online or on an app then she is sending positive signals. A way to illuminate the confusion is simply just to sign up to an adult hook-up site online – it will illuminate all of the questioning & could link you up with some granny sex in London that evening.
*Play up on your age. Not too much, just enough to let her know that she can still pull a younger man. She will love the attention and will be flattered that someone years younger than her is interested. Shows that she ‘still has it’ so compliment her and make her feel special. You want her in the palm of your hands.
*Judge her needs & let her book the time & place. You’ll want a woman who likes to be in charge, so let her set the arrangements. Don’t appear lazy but just let her know she has control over the situation – hopefully then in the bedroom you’ll see the same happen. Let her show you the ropes, that’s what you want isn’t it? Her to be in control right.
*Take your pen and paper. Okay, not literally. But you will want to note things down for future reference. She will teach you so much more than a younger woman ever will. Just think of the experience, the confidence she has with her body and how she uses it. You will want to take the experience with you and put it into practise at a later date.

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5 British Comedians caught having sex with Grannies!

We are always interested to know how many people in the public eye, also have eyes for older women.  We send out some of our top “GrannyDating paps” out a year ago to see what they might discover and some of the images they caught are truly shocking!

In fact, so many celebs have been caught in the act with these older women that we have had to separate them up into categories. This week we are going to reveal the top 5 British comic’s that have been caught with their pants down.

Number 5. Keith lemon!

Keith Lemon getting a hand job off a granny

Caught having a handjob

Hardly that surprising, this comedian was caught several time in the act. This image was papped in a Travelodge in the East End.


Number 4 Russell Brand

Russell brand caught spooning his granny
Big Spoon

Just after his divorce, Russell went back to his secret fetish of having sex with older women. This image was taken in a small motel just outside LA

Number 3.. Russell Howard

Russell Howard doing reverse cowgirl
Cheeky wink as he discovers he is being “papped”

Russell Howard enjoying  the fruits of his labour here, although for some reason, she seems more shocked to see our camera men, than he does.

Number 2. Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr having a quick feel
Don’t try and hide Jimmy!

Caught having a feel in this image here, Jimmy Carr, starts at the bottom and works his way up his grannies.

And finally…….. Alan Carr???

Alan Carr getting a blowjob of this granny
This is just getting silly now!


Now this is shocking for several reasons. Who would of thought, even Alan Carr enjoys a good blow job off a granny every now and then!

Nothing in this post is real


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One Night Stands the do’s and don’ts

Granny with tis out
Looking for a one night stand

With a noticeable shift in people’s opinions of sex in the last 10 years it is becoming more and more acceptable for people to lead more promiscuous lives, and why not I ask! We are animals after all and have sex with members of the opposite sex, or same sex for that matter is perfectly normal and should be encouraged, not hidden away and not spoken about, this is 2014 for crying out loud!!

However although it is a perfectly normal activity, this doesn’t mean you need to shout about it and rub it in people’s faces. If people want to live in the 1950s that’s up to them, moreover there are certain rules you should always stick to when embarking on a one night stand.

  1. Bondage sex
    bondage one night stand

    If you’re in a relationship, it is not acceptable to think, “it’s only a quickie – it doesn’t matter – he’ll/she’ll never find out” One nighters are reserved for the single folk of the world, sorry that’s just one of the rules! There is a reason for this, if you’re in a relationship and want to experience some fun with other people there are ways around this, but have nonchalant sex is not the way, cheating on your partner requires more planning than that!

  2. Remember why you’re going out to find your one off bit of fun. If you go out with the intention of having a one nighter, remember who ever you start talking/dancing/flirting with will catch onto this and if you change your mind at some point in the night, get out whilst you can, safety is key, you don’t want to find yourself in a tricky situation.
  3. The next thing to bear in mind is three vital, but very simple steps. Be open with whoever you want to get involved with, this is a quick fuck, treat it as such, don’t get drawn into anything such as regular meets, this will only act as confusion for both parties. Be safe, the last thing you want to do is end up with a nasty little infection or any unwanted little dudes running around – both parties are responsible for the use of protection.
  4. The final tip on the agenda is the most important: Don’t feel ashamed!! There is nothing to feel embarrassed about if you indulge in a little frisky fun after hours, as long as you are safe, choose your partners with care and keep yourself safe.

With these four tips in mind there is no reason as to why you can’t go out there, get a little bit boozy and have some fun with some people who are looking for the exact same thing as you are. Good Luck!!