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Every week I plan to upload saucy images of some of our naughty grannies just  as a bit of entertainment however, the best thing is that these women are real and are currently looking for sex in the uk!


Looking for a dateWe lauched back in 2006. We started with a site called dirty over thirty dating and moved to filthy over fifty dating (all the way up to sexy over seventy dating!) and we realised that there seemed to be a huge interest for women over 50. That is how the idea came about. We then put a lot of work together creating what is now our biggest and best known brand GrannyDating.

The site was almost an instant hit with men and women signing up from all over the uk. Since then the site has gone from strengths to strengths. Over the years we have had people messaging in saying that they have found the love of their lives and are getting married. We have also had a lot of people saying that they have started having affairs in their fifties and are really starting to enjoy life again.

Granny Seeking sexEither way we are not here to judge, our main aim was to try and help people with their love lives. The world has come along way over the last 10 years. With the internet exploding into everyone’s homes. These days you just cant live without it. It has revolutionised the way we live and I personally believe the biggest way it has effected our lives is online dating. With one in three of us having tried online dating there is never a limit of people to meet online.

We are the biggest mature dating website on the net with over 500 people signing up each day we literally have over 1 million members for you to meet.

Reservations about online dating

Even though meeting people online has become a lot more acceptable there is still a small stigma attached and this seems to be because of three main reasons.

  1. People afraid that other users are fake
  2. Not thinking they will find anyone
  3. Not knowing which is the best sites for them

Let me address these three points in order to try to ease your worries.

However we wanted to validate our users further so we have recently partnered up with online dating protector. With these two elements  put together you can rest assured you are in safe handsOur number one aim is to try and help you find a suitable match so you can increase your sex lives. Over the years we have constantly come up with new way to try and stop “time wasters” signing up to our site. From out point of view we would rather have less people signing up a day who were all interested in meeting up for sex rather than twice the amount of people who were just browsing. To combat this, a year ago we set up a team of people to work around the clock checking every single profile. If any of the profiles looked dodgy, we contact the user directly in order to make sure they are legitimate. If there are any doubts what so ever the profile would be blocked.

We really have gone to huge lengths to insure that our customers are safe and secure when on the site. I hope this has helped sooth any worries about signing up to a dating site. Let us know which you choose. (I hope its us!)


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