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Dating Mature Women- Dos & Don’ts

Dating Mature WomenWhilst browsing through the single members online a profile stands out from the crowd, a woman with blonde highlighted hair just above her shoulders, a smouldering smile, a cheeky show of cleavage and clearly confident. You check to make sure she is single, where she lives, and oh, her age. She’s 10 years older than you, maybe more. Do you find this an immediate turn off or a turn on?

Increasingly more men are dating mature women, not because of the status it has in front of their mates, but because of the simplicity of the relationship. A mature woman knows exactly what she wants, tells you straight what it is and what its not, knows how to treat a man and plays no games. Sound like something you could be interested in? Then start your search. There’s no need to deal with insecurities, dramas or pettiness of dating someone your age, it’s acceptable to date older.

We’ve constructed a few bits of vital information you need to know when looking to date a mature woman. By no means are these rules you have to follow, just guidelines.

Do’sMature woman profile pic

  1. Make sure you have a picture on your profile; no woman wants to be approached by someone who hides behind the dummy picture.
  2. Keep your profile short and straight to the point, no fluffy language. Always make it as honest and interesting as you can. Long paragraphs area no, no.
  3. Always be upfront, let her know what you are looking for so that there is no confusion along the way.
  4. Be mature at the important times and silly at the times it doesn’t matter.
  5. Call her to arrange a date (that’s if she doesn’t call you first. She will prefer to be spoken to rather than having to read impersonal texts).
  6. Be confident with having a mature woman on your arm, you could receive a few looks so be sure to shake them off.
  7. Spend your date listening, the more interested you are in her, the more she will be into you.
  8. Compliment and be a gentleman always, offer to pay for the first date that’s if she allows you. She will be used to looking after herself and is likely to be independent so try to break the mould and be romantic.

Do not’s

  1. If you receive no response to your message accept that she is not interested, do not pester. It appears weak and is a major turn off.
  2. Do not acknowledge her age, she’s aware of the difference. Also do not mention the word cougar, she could be offended.
  3. No game playing, she will suss you out immediately and spit you out.
  4. Don’t assume that she is on her just for casual relationships, she might be looking for a full on relationship. Communication is key, preferably before you get too involved.
  5. Do not becoming clingy, understand that she has her own established life to carry on with when she isn’t seeing you.

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