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Different types of members on our site.

We set out with one goal and that was to help men and women meet up for sex.

Because of the nature of our site we do attract some voyeuristic people who are just coming on the site to look. Don’t get me wrong, they are not doing any harm. BUT ultimately we want our database to be full of people who are actively looking for sex.

Gran looking for sex
Member looking for sex

I mean it is one thing to browse, then, when you find someone you like, send them a message to meet up for sex. But what we don’t want is people on the site who don’t really have any intent of moving things along with other members.

See we always try and look at our site from the point of view of someone signing up for the first time. Personally it would really annoy me if I had to message 5 people before finding one who actually wanted sex.

Different users

 From our experience there are 4 different type for people who sign up to our site


  1. People who are actively looking for sex
  2. People who are browsing with the long term goal of finding sex
  3. People who are just signing up for mature chat. But have no intent to meet up for sex.
  4. People who are just browsing and have no intent to chat or meet for sex.

Now, I have also numbered these different types of users in order of importance to our site. Here is why.

People who are just browsing are good but only because they might go on to become one of the other three types. Apart from that, they are not really any good to anyone, so we really try to make sure as few of these people sign up as possible.

Seeking sex
Hardcore member

We have a huge audience of people who are just signing up for sexy chat. These might range from married people who are just looking for a bit of a flirt but are not looking for a full-on affair. Or they could be people who are just getting into the online dating game, who might just be dipping their toe in the water so to speak. To us, these users are great for creating a sense of community, also a lot of these users do tend to become “type 2” in our list above.

Number two, these people are the kind who, do want sex but they like to get to know people a little better before meeting up. This is perfectly understandable and actually, all members are this type at one point. (After all you don’t just message someone saying, “What time shall we meet for sex?”)

These users are great, they allow for a more exciting chat experience, as you know there is a high chance you will meet for sex soon.

However when all said and done the first type of users are by far the best. These are the “hardcore” people who really are just looking for sex, they don’t really want to spend lots of time getting to know each other. They just want to meet up as soon as possible.

Now our goal is to get as many of “type 1” and “type 2” on the site as possible.  But the question is how do we go about doing this? And how do we spot the complete time waster and get rid of them?

This is something I will go into in much more detail in our next post.

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