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granny in sexy black outfitGood day. We are back with another informative yet sexy post to excite your senses and question your turn-ons. Today we are talking about granny stockings – why are they in decline, what’s making dirty women stop buying them, and most importantly do guys even like a mature in garters, suspenders or stockings? Let’s start by addressing the latter question. If you are a member at I think you’ll unequivocally agree that yes, our older female members love dressing up in all sorts of erotic dressage and underwear to tease, and spoil their younger sex date.

Even though statistics suggest that the sale of stockings has been in decline we can safely reassure you that on our adult site they are well and truly alive and kicking, just like the grannies who wear them are! One theory we have here is that it’s a generation thing, perhaps the older a lady is, the more of a connection she has to such an erotic item. I mean let’s not forget women have been wearing stockings since the 1920’s and nylon was introduced into their production in 1940. So since this item is entrenched in history and a background that stretches more towards our grandmas era, it might explain why the obsession still remains. After-all this sexy type of tight really is an item of their generation and might go some way to explaining why it still remains so popular with our members on granny-dating UK.

Why do men like suspenders and stockings?

hot older woman poses for her lovers camera in sexy erotic lingerieThere have been many questions raised over the exact reason suspenders and that alike drive guys so wild. It’s been suggested that clothing like this could be likened to that of wrapping paper around a present. Sometimes it’s not actually the gift inside that gives you the most satisfaction, but the anticipation of unwrapping it. However in terms of our mature sex dating service, we can categorically say that it is always the present inside that will give you the most fun. But regardless of that, the wrapping is still part of the package, and builds up the lust and passion that makes you just want to rip it off and delve right in.

The other reason this item is such a turn-on for guys is down to the overall look and what that says to a man. If you look at it from the ladies point of view, wearing suspenders will empower them, helping them feel sophisticated, smart and above all sexy. This enables them to feel like they have more control within any sexual encounter, to dominate the man and show him how to behave. This in turn fuels a males erection, because let’s face it, being a younger guy and having a lady in garters straddle your dick, push aside her red undies and slot you in, can be nothing more than simply bliss.

Tights Vs Stockings – the debate continues..

According to a survey conducted by men’s magazine Mondo, it turned out that guys in the UK didn’t find stockings to be much of a turn on any more, and a huge percent more preferred women in tights… The reason for this is put down to one simple fact, that they are just too old fashioned for the modern man. However, this isn’t true in all cases, within the 36% of men who did like to see a woman in stockings a whopping 83% said they liked stockings on a woman whose age was over 50. We put the question to you, is it not the item, but more the wearer of that item that makes the difference? We have already established that this item is perhaps older than similar underwear trends like thongs, g-strings, push up bra’s, etc. So could it just be that wearing something like this only works on a lady who can pull it off? We think so, and we would have to admit our younger male members do as well. This is point is further driven home when you look at the 2,700 unique monthly searches in the UK for the term, ‘granny stockings’ – proving that when it comes to grannies, stockings are still very much, ‘in fashion’.

What about garter belts on women?

meet more grannies and see more photos of garter belts and suspendersNow garter belts, although still having deep historic connections, and of course being extremely uncomfortable to wear for a female, has in fact continued it’s popularity. It’s a sensual form of erotica, as simple as it is appeasing to the eye, which has probably led to consistent interest. But the really interesting concept here is the combination of the garter belt attached with the knee high silk stocking. Now this is the real money driver for guys wanting something a little extra special from their mature sex date. When worn together the outfit really scream, ‘sexy’. We asked a few of our members exactly what it was that made this combination such a huge item of arousal. In their majority they said the look was exciting and sexy, again a lot made reference to the granny looking more dominating, and all together more powerful. We were especially interested in what one member had to say, “It’s the area of naked fleshy thigh, between the bottom of the garter down to the top of the stocking that is so tantalizing.” This really got us thinking, we had never really looked at it on this sort of level, normally we think of the duo as a package that individually compliment each other so well. So to hear this take on it got us thinking about the idea of that one lonesome bit of flesh, and we noticed how it relates back to the concept of wrapping paper. Just having that tiny sneak peak of flesh, is what really get us going, knowing that under that garter and stocking combination is a more ready for the taking.

Show me more pics and  older members please.

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