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With a range of sites out there to find granny slappers it really is hard trying to work our which is the best to go with. The purpose of this blog is to tell you why we should be your number one “go-to” site when trying to find your next sexual conquest.


It really comes down to three major points.


  1. The biggest database.
  2. The most women.
  3. The easiest site to use.


Let me run you through these points in a little more detail.


The biggest database- We started in 2006. We were the ORIGIONAL mature lady site on the market. Then after about two year competitor sites started. So, we have over two years of extra members built up that other sites don’t have. On top of this we have an extra experience. Over the years we have listened to our customers and helped them with their needs. Because we have changed the site to suit them we have naturally attracted more customers.  This means one thing,



Granny Slapper in black
Slapper in leather


Let us worry about the experience and you can just worry about meeting your next shag. Over the years our membership has grown and grown with over 500 people signing up EACH DAY in the UK alone.


We have people signed up from London right down to the smallest villages in the welsh valleys. In fact over the years we have created filters to allow men and women filter down their search results. Obviously this is great for helping you find the right partner but it also points out one major thing. Our site has too many people to browse. We have had to introduce new filters to help our members filter down the results.


The second point is that we offer the most women. I know a lot of you read the statistic that 500 people sign up a day and think that is probably just men but the most shocking statistic is that close to 50% of these are women. See these aren’t young girls who go out to the clubs every weekend. These are lonely house wives, divorcees, widows. Women who struggle to find men just as much as men struggle to find women. This equals out the playing field so to speak. Suddenly you have a situation where the women are gagging for sex as much, if not more than the men. This obviously keeps both the men and women very very happy. Why do we think the most women sign up to our site? I think this boils down to the fact that we offer the easiest website to use with genuine authentic members.

Slapper in black lingerie
Sarah the slapper


Finally why do we have the easiest platform to use? We have tested our platform with a whole range of people and listened to feedback. Anything that was hard to understand was made easier. We have tried to make the platform as straight forward to use as possible so hopefully you can forget your using a program and just enjoy the experience of browsing through our range of granny slags and dirty men. We aim to make the site as intuitive as possible. So if you decide you want to meet a mature woman with blond hair, who enjoys giving blowjobs, you can easily filter down the results. We have made the profiles as easy to navigate so you can get as much information as you need from one of our users before deciding if you want to send them a wink or a message.


Feel free to have a click around on our site or sign up for your free membership trial. We do not expect any card details, just your name and a valid email address. If you don’t like the service then cancelling your membership is easy and we will never bother you again. Good luck with finding your next shag!


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