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Increase the amount of sex your having today! was created back in 2006. We are the longest running and biggest mature sex dating site in the UK. Because we have more people on our site, we have more selection for you to choose from. When it comes to online dating, the more selection the better the site. Because of this, our site has grown and grown. We have well over 1000 women signing up to the site each week, looking for more mature sex in their lives. If you are looking to increase your granny contacts, this could be the perfect site for you.

100% Real Grannies looking for Real Sex

Our main aim has always been to help men have more sex with horny grandmothers.  Online dating has got a bad reputation recently from lots of sex dating sites creating fake profiles in order to get men to hand over credit card details. We are proud to say we have never set up a single fake profile and actually go out of our way, to make sure that the members you are speaking to on the site are legitimate members looking for sex.

We have a small team of people who work 7 days a week, verifying every single profile that is uploaded. Any profiles that don’t seem like real people, who are genuinely looking for sex, we contact directly. If they are fake users, we get rid of them straight away. Many of our member’s appreciate the fact that they know they are always speaking to real people. It means they can concentrate on more fun activities, like flirting and arranging sex meet-ups.

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Great sex-matching facilities

Find the right granny and there is no reason you couldn’t meet up with her week after week for smoking granny sex. The question is, how do you find the right granny for you out of a site with over 300,000 members? The answer is, using our filtering system. If you whittle your results down to the people you have the most in common with with, there is a much higher chance you will meet up for sex, offline.

Because this is a sex site, it is important that we give you ways to filter your results down to the people who have similar sexual interests to you. Feel free to filter your results down to the women who have the same sexual positions and sexual fantasies as you.

Once you have whittled down your results, you will be left with the members who are much more likely to want to meet up. This will ultimately lead to more sex.

Make a magnetic profile

One of the most important ways to attract older women is to have a complete profile. Here are some of our top tips on creating a profile that women will radiate towards.

  1. Have more than one image and make sure that the main image is of your face. Remember, you might be really proud of the size of your dick, but if that is your profile picture, women will be much less likely to want to click on and see more. Remember, these horny old women might be looking for a shag, but when you’re fucking them, they’re not going to be looking at your dick. They will want to know what your face looks like. Even if you don’t like your face and think you have better features, a face profile is likely to get your more clicks. (You can always add more images but always prioritise the face shot.)
  2. Make your profile information short and sweet. You don’t have to talk about all your hobbies. Remembers this is a sex dating site. You can afford to be more direct. Talk about your sexual interests; talk about when you would like to meet up. Not many people will read your whole profile until they have decided that they want to meet up for sex. (But lots of people will read the first couple of lines. Make these lines more important, then you can talk about yourself later.)

So for example the first few lines could be “ I’m on here looking for more regular sex, happy to meet up for a couple of dates but only really looking for a good hard shag”. Then you could go on to talk about your fantasies in more detail.

If you have any odd fantasies, make sure you include them; you never know who might have similar ones who might want to meet up just to do them.

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