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If you’r reading this latest post then chances are you’re interested in making some new granny contacts. Possibly you’ve tired finding some on other websites and not had much luck, or perhaps you’ve had been meeting up with the same mature woman for sometime now and are a bit bored? Whatever your reason you’ve made the right choice coming over to and seeing what we offer. So sit back, get a cuppa ready, and let us spend the  next few paragraphs explaining how easy and simple it is to meet new grannies using our dating site.

Start off with the best chance of success

sexy granny is looking for new contactsIf you’re going to try and hook-up with new partners for dating, sex or just a friendly cup of tea ( a bit boring by our standards, but whatever floats your boat) you’re better off starting with the biggest selection of people to contact. In the case of our site, and the fetish we cater for, it’s grannies – You need to be in the place that has the highest amount of active, older, female members to give you the biggest chance of meeting up with one. It’s just simple maths, the more members available for you to message, the higher the percentage that will meet up with you. Simple. So now you’re probably thinking, okay, sounds like a solid theory, but where am I meant to go to find this illusive pool of grans? Well, the answer to that my friend is, right here. Yes this very site, (although not this part, this is just the blog section)If you were to click the sign up button in the menu, or navigate to the home button you would see that is a mature sex dating site, full of experienced ladies looking to have their sexual frustrations satisfied by willing, horny guys.

Make a good first impression

So now you know where to start your adventure into meeting new contacts, it’s time to understand how to make that all vital, first impression. If you use our dating site, be warned, you are going to come across hundreds of thousands of dirty older women which you’re going to want to meet. Our advice, keep it local to start with, use the search tool and only search for members within a 5 mile radius to you. If you can’t fin a suitable match after that, start broadening your search by an additional 10 – 15 miles. If you still can’t find a mature lady you like the look of… well maybe this isn’t the right site for you? Although we pretty much guarantee you will. So you’ve found you perfect match, or perhaps they have found you… How things progress from here is very much down to that all important first impression they get from seeing, and reading your profile. To keep things simple we have broken down the best practices to use when making your profile into an easy, digestible bullet point list,

  • Have at least one profile photo – make it clear, (and preferably of you) The naughtier the better.
  • Make sure you give yourself a name, either your real name or a nickname you’re called.
  • Add a little description about yourself – Even Hi my name is Rob I like older pussy, is better than nothing! Believe us this counts for a lot.
  • We can’t stress this one enough, add in your interests – If you’re interested in swinging and love eating cream off saggy tits, let people know!
  • Similarly put down what you’re looking for

Okay, we  realise this all sounds so obvious, but you would be amazed how many guys do no add this simple stuff to their profile, and then complain that they’re not getting any interest…. By adding details like this to your profile you are painting a picture to any granny that reads it. If you share the same interests as them, or make them laugh with something humors in your description your twenty times more likely to get a message from them, and that starts the rapport that will eventually go on to helping you get laid.

How to move from online talking, to offline fucking

Find more granny contacts online with once you’ve contacted a member and you’re engaging in casual, flirty chat it’s time to step it up and show your intentions. Of course please don’t do this too soon, as you don’t want to scare anyone off you, but maybe liven the talk up with some new dirty images you took, or perhaps stat a game by sharing your favourite sex positions – anything that turns the topic of conversation into more sexy territory.

From there suggest to meet up for a drink. Don’t expect this to lead to sex on the first date, probably 7 / 10 times it doesn’t, but pack a condom just in case. Organise a meeting point that is local to both of you, and somewhere in public proximity, say a bar, or restaurant (although a meal can be a bit awkward for first meet-ups.) While together try and keep the conversation flowing, be flirty without being too full on, and witty without being too cocky, don’t try and instigate anything afterwards, unless of course you are getting the right signals. Kiss goodbye and go home.

If everything has gone smoothly, you can better you bottom dollar that you’ll be contact with a day or two asking for a follow up, where things will quickly progress to the bedroom.  Then all you have to do is repeat this procedure for the next month and before you know you’ll be making more new granny contacts than you’ll know what do with. You might as well keep an overnight bag with you at all times, because you’re going to be needing it a lot!

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