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Mature escorting London

mature lady escortingIf you are sitting in front of your computer right now researching mature escorting services in London it means you are probably looking to have sex with a granny or an older woman who enjoys sex.

In this blog we are going to discuss some pros and cons of going to an escorting service and the pros and cons of signing up to a mature dating site full of women who enjoy sex.

Pros and cons of a mature dating service.

1. The biggest con of signing up to a escort service is the fact that it is expensive. Ok, if you are looking for a quick shag then there are plenty of massage parlors you can go to in London for a cheap shag. If you are looking to go to a higher class escort service then you are going to be paying a lot more money even over £600 for one night
2. No one gets hurt, if you are simply looking for no strings attached sex then paying for it is a sure fire way of making sure that no one gets emotionally attached. This means no crying or moaning. If you want to fuck someone else a month down the line then just pay for a shag with someone else.
3. No messaging and trying to persuade her into bed. A quick payment and she is yours to do whatever you want. Also to further this, if one night you decide you want to do something a little more adventurous then simply pay her a little more.
4. You can drop her for a few months and she isn’t going to wonder why.

Pros of a dating site

london mature escort1. You could meet someone who is the same as you and just looking for no strings attached fun. If you are compatible you could save yourself a hell of a lot of money and meet up regularly for free.
2. The sex will be more passionate. Lets face it; if you are paying someone for sex then they are only doing it for the money. If you meet someone online then they are looking to shag you as much as you are looking to shag them, it will feel a lot more real.
3. It is more rewarding fucking someone who wants to fuck you than just shagging someone who is doing it for the cash.
4. If you are shagging someone from an escort service you have to come to terms with the fact that you are probably the eights person they have fucked that day. You are just a number to them
5. There is a far greater selection of people to choose from online. Most escort services only have about 20-30 women on their books. Online we have thousands of members for you to choose from. A much better selection.

These are some of the pros and cons of using an escort service and dating sites. The rest is up to you!