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Using our filtering system.

As mentioned in a few of our other blogs, one of the main reasons our dating site is better at finding you sex is because of our unique filtering system.

Hundred of people sign up to every single day. So how are you supposed to find the right match for you as quickly as possible?

When we first released the site, we just let people browse for some basic stuff like hair colour, height, location etc.

But soon enough we realised that this wasn’t enough. Then the thought dawned on us. Since this is a site to help you get more sex, why don’t we allow members to search based on their sexual tastes? Give people the power to find others who have the same sexual fantasies.

Sorting people into their sexual interests.

Image of search feature
Choose what you would like to search by

We decided to get people to tick what they enjoyed doing in the bedroom as they signed up. One list of what you enjoyed happening to you such as oral sex and one list for what you enjoyed doing to others (rimming or swinging)

This was the first step. It meant we could put people into groups. Great for when you are trying to find someone with similar sexual tastes.


Now there are several ways you can whittle down the thousands of search results to the women you would like to have sex with. Please watch the video at the bottom of this page to see how to do this.

Once you have signed up you will be given the search feature.

At the beginning you can enter your location and the age of the woman you would like to find.

Then you can enter hair colour and even size of the women you would like to meet. As you

Pick your members through their sexual tastes
Choose from multiple sexual tastes

can see from the video, you can be quite specific here.

Then you can click interests, from there you can enter any of your sexual preferences.

Each time you do, you will notice the amount of women is reduced. This is because you are refining your search.

Something else you will notice from the video is how many other options there are.  I would suggest to keep entering in as many fields as you can until you have less than 30 women to choose from.

Remember, as with most dating sites, you have more chance of meeting up with the women you have more in common with. The more interests of yours you can enter, the more likely these women will be to want to meet up.

So if you decide you want to meet a chubby granny in Liverpool, who has blonde hair and loves giving blowjobs, you can easily search for this on our website.

Another alternative, which most men enjoy is to perform a different sexual act at different times during the week. Perhaps you would like to go dogging on a Wednesday night, but fancy a night in with some oral sex on a Saturday. Why not search for women with different interest and meet up with a different woman every night of the week?

Why not sign up and have a free search for yourself. You never know, you might be having sex within the next week with a woman of your dreams!

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