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Weekly Member Claire

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Name: Claire
Age: 51
From: London

Hi, bi-curious girl (well….) who’s just joined so still finding my way. My husband doesn’t feel it’s his role to satisfy me, and thinks my drive has gone. How wrong he is!

What do I want, a man (or girl, maybe both!) who enjoys pleasuring me orally, manually (no fisting or anal thank you), with toys or a good hard cock, real or strapped on to a buxom girl whilst I suck her and myself. In return I love licking and sucking, the taste of cum on my tongue drives me mad. A fragrant pussy would be just as nice.

Am I asking too much is is there anyone out there?? Xx

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Member Claire

  1. hi claire you looking so sexy to have gread fun youre maintaing your body. Very well keep it it up .you making me up I want to have nice clean fuck and fun with you .i have strong long cock i hope you like it

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