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granny sex Hot older woman in white underwear

Name: Jo
Age: 48
From: Greater Manchester

Not looking for anything serious, just some sexy fun and naughty frolics with people aged between 35 – 50. Also I prefer men 5’10 or over. I like to wear heels with my stockings and can’t do that if the man I’m out with is smaller than me.

If anyone sees my pics on other people’s profiles I’d be very grateful if you could report them thanks as I’m not able to see them xx

Apparently, because I’m 47, someone thinks my pics aren’t actually me. Just to clarify, yes they are me. I just don’t sit around all day eating chocolate and doing feck all. I actually exercise and look after myself. Also I’ve met a couple of people off here now. I’m sure they would also verify that I am the same person as is in the pics.

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