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Who would you rather… Nanny Pat or Dot cotton?

Who will win?
Who will win?

This week we asked a cross section of our members who they would rather jump into the sack with. Nanny Pat, Marks Wrights glamorous grandmother from the show “The only way is Essex”. Or Dot Cotton, the infamous launderette assistant from Eastenders.

Both of these women are sex symbols of their own right in our eyes but we were curious who would win in a head to head battle of who is the sexiest gran.

Both  Gilfs are now active on twitter both having their own twitter accounts. Click here to have a look at Nanny Pats and Dot cotton’s.

Millions of men across the world find themselves sexually attracted to the slightly more mature older lady. We think their maturity is the exact thing that draws us. Perhaps it’s the fact that we assume they have got a lot more experience so they are going to be better in bed. We have a database of hundreds of sexy older women all looking for a younger man to show them a good time.

Unfortunately Nanny Pat and Dot are not on here but if they are reading this, we have hundred of men who would love to meet you!

Over 2000 men cast their votes and we can officially reveal that the results came back with Dot being the hottest gilf out of the two with 59% vote.granny-results

Over the next few weeks we will do more vote offs just see who are members who love to jump into the sack with.

Happy hunting!

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