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Why it’s important to give a real email address.

I wanted to write a quick blog post to explain why it is so important for your sex life to give us a real email account.

Email and password
The email feild!


The bottom line here is that we want you to have as much sex a possible. Hundreds of messages are sent back and forth everyday on The main reason people know that someone has written to them is because they get email alerts, (just like you would on facebook). Then you can reply right there on your mobile, rather than just signing into your account in the evening when you get home (and realising you have 7 messages). It has been proven that people who get email alerts, send more messages and in turn have more sex.The problem is that some people enter fake email addresses, so when someone sends them a message on the site, the email goes to their fake email. Then it could be weeks before that user signs back onto their account to realise they have a message. Then, at that point, the other member who showed interest could be shagging someone else.

(Also fake emails can be forgotten, so you might never be able to sign back into your account.)

People enter fake emails for one of four reasons.

The first is because they don’t want to be linked back to the site in any way at all.

The second is because they think it’s quicker

The third reason is because they are lying about who they are or pretending to be someone else.

And the final reason is because they are afraid they are going to get loads of junk mail.

Let me address each of these points in turn.

Being linked to our site.

We do not store any email addresses when people sign up to our site, we do not ask for any further information such as credit card details or home address when you sign up. This means the only way we can contact you is email, but rest assured. If you signed up and decided ten minutes later you wanted to leave, you can cancel your account and we will no longer have your email. There will not be any trace that you were on the site at all.

A quicker sign up 

Over the years we have made the sign up process as quick as possible.

It is now only a three step process with only two boxes you have to type in, one of which being email. Also in order to stop fake users signing up we have a way that our sign up box will detect emails that don’t exist. So you could actually be there longer trying to find a fake email that works than just entering your own email.

Member lying about who they are or pretending to be someone else.

A real members profile
A real members profile

We go to great lengths to make sure that the people on our site are real! In an ideal world we would want 100% of the people signing up to our accounts to be real people actively looking for sex. If you are entering a fake email just because you want to go on the site and pretend to be someone your not, we would rather you didn’t sign up at all! Fake users water down our database and make it harder for genuine users to meet up for sex. If you are a fake user entering a fake account you will be deleted and banned. You might as well enter real details and start having some real sex!

Junk Mail

We will only ever email you for two reasons.

1.Someone on the site has messaged you and might want to meet for sex.

2.We have an offer on.

Both of these email alerts CAN be turned off although we don’t advise it. We can guarantee you that we will never send you junk emails and we promise that none of your details are stored let alone passed onto third party companies that could send you spam. Junk mail is something you definitely don’t have to worry about.


If you still have reservations about signing up with the email you use everyday. Why not get a secondary email account which you use just for our website. That way you have a real email but it is not appearing with all your other emails.

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