Tips on meeting your ideal UK Granny

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How it works works like any other dating site out there.

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Some tips to messaging older British Grannies.

Have you ever tried to chat up a woman offline? It’s terrifying. Walking up to a woman will take most of your courage, then you have to worry about what you are going to say, to make her take any interest in you. All you need is one funny look or sarcastic comment off her (or one of her friends) and you could feel like you want the ground to swallow you. Yes, all men have felt like this at one point in their lives.

Lucky for us, times have changed. Online, it is a whole different ball game. All you have to do is have a look at some of the women’s profiles at the top of this page. They upload revealing images of themselves and most of their profiles are openly admitting to wanting to find someone for sex. The fact of the matter is, these women actually want you to message them. The problem is some men carry their offline fears, online.

A lot of men find it daunting sending that first message. Here are a couple of hints and tips that might help you out.

You could always just start with a wink. This requires very little effort. 9 times out of 10, the older lady will see the wink and check out your profile. If she likes the look of you she might send you the message first. The only problem with winks, is that these horny older, British grannies know that it has required minimum effort. So they might see this as laziness. Alternatively, they might not like being the one to start a message, so I would say, start off by sending a few winks, maybe three or four. But if your not having much luck, move onto messages.

Hot granny with tits on displayThe question is, what should I say?

Make sure your message is “tongue in cheek”. You want to be direct but you don’t want to seem arrogant and rude. I know this sound like I am contradicting myself but let me give you an example. Being direct could be this “Hi I want to fuck you, if the feeling is mutual, lets meet up”. Now this might work with some very dirty older ladies, but it lacks personality.

Perhaps your message could be something more like this, “I love the lighting is some of your photos…. Actually who am I kidding, I was just looking at your cracking tits. Check out my profile, if you like the look of me, send me a message some time”. The great thing about this is that you get across a bit of personality, yet your being direct and also you don’t sound like your begging for her attention (like other men might). You sound like your saying “no rush, and if you want to message me, you can, but no worries if you don’t”. This is a great way to make her laugh and make her feel like she is under no pressure to write back. Try writing out a few variations. Write your message with a little bit of humour and a loose proposition. Ultimately though, if she is just looking for a hard, fast shag. The first option might be your best bet.