Meet for a granny date tonight!

Granny getting ready for a Date

Are you looking for a Granny Date? Believe me when I say, you have come to the right place. So much so this is literally our websites name! This website was setup in 2006 as a way of helping men and grannies to meet each other for no strings, consensual sex and dating. It started as a small site but has slowly grown to one of the largest dating sites in the UK. With well over 2 million members we really are the biggest.

People ask me all the time, why do I think having a granny date is so good?

I think it comes down to several things which I will list for you.

1.  Women are becoming Grannies younger.

Lets face it, grannies are not wrinkly old 80 year olds any more. The term grannies could be used on women in their forties.  Young attractive women who are still, very much in their prime. (Feel free to have a click on some of the women featured on this page just to see for yourself.)

These days men do not have to be nervous to admit that they have a fetish for dirty older women.

But this actually goes both ways. I have seen some incredibly beautiful women sign up. More and more women are embracing the title of being a grandmother and this opens up the market for more and more people to be interested in GrannyDates.

2.  Online Dating is more acceptable.

Anne looking for date in black thong

Even though a date on this site will often boil down to sex, we have had over 20 people write to us over the years asking for their membership to be cancelled due to the fact they have met the loves of their lives, and are actually getting married.

More and more people are admitting they have met their partner on a dating site. Lets face it, out in the “real world” it is a nightmare trying to find a partner. Firstly you don’t know who is single, who is looking for a shag, who is looking for romance, what to say, when to say it.

On our site, you can view people profiles, read exactly what people are looking for before making your first move. Things move at a much faster rate, everyone is on the same page from the word go, and you don’t have to meet up until you feel comfortable with each other. Its easy!

3.  It’s cheap.

It is now cheaper than ever, with a whole months subscription being worth far far less than an average night out. Imagine being able to meet hundreds of slappers for the price of one night out…. Without a hangover.

4. It’s easy.

The internet is changing. It's evolving to make our lives easier to live and I think one of the biggest way it has changed the world is online sex dating.


horny couple share hot granny for a threesome

If you cast your mind back, before we had the internet, the best you could do was to put a personals ad in a lonely hearts column. Well this was not really much use because it was embarrassing to admit to the world your love life was a bit dry, also you were only advertising to the people who bought that magazine or newspaper.

Now with the internet, all you have to do is put your profile online and just wait for people to find you. Or, if you want to do some hunting, you can just do quick searches that takes seconds to receive hundreds of profiles in your area. Here is a video with some of our featured members you might meet.

Our site has been designed to make as easy to use as possible, and after six years of listening to our user feedback I really do believe this is one of the easiest dating sites to use on the market.

Above are just a few reasons of why I think online dating is becoming more and more acceptable, but it's just my opinion. Why not sign up and ask a couple of our members why they think online dating is becoming more acceptable. It could be a great icebreaker question!