The sun is shining, time to shag a granny in the heat

hot granny datesThe summer has arrived and it is time to start getting frisky. For some reason the summer heat seams to evoke a hornyness in men and for us granny lovers, it makes us what to shag the living daylights out of these older women! 

How to get hot grannies into bed

Here are a couple of our favourite summer time chat up lines

  1. You look hot granny and I wouldn’t mind cooling you down by spunking all over your forehead.
  2.  Fancy coming over mine for a refreshing drink and a shag?
  3. I want to take you down the beach so you can get some sand in your knickers.
  4.  Let me take you out for a knickerbocker glory and then you can take your knickers off and fuck me through a glory hole.
  5. Do you fancy some iced tea? I could mix the drink with my dick and you could lick all the ice tea off my dick when I am done.
  6. We should have a cold shower together, I love it when granny nipples go hard in the shower.
  7. I want you to cool me down with a refreshing granny golden shower
  8. Do you like to sunbath naked?
  9. What lingerie do you wear to bed in the summer heat.

10. Let me give you a pearl necklace down by the shore

Well look in all honesty I am making these up and the chances of you actually saying this stuff to hot grannies offline is very, very slim. The point I am trying to make is that I am having fun with it. This is what will really turn older women on is a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously and isn’t afraid to say some stuff that is slightly more unusual. Confidence goes along way with women and even though you may not have the confidence to say this stuff to women offline , it is easy to say it to them online. Why not sign up to the site now, go to a profile of a woman you have been wanting to shag and send her one of the above chat up lines. She will have never heard it before and it might be the thing that gets her offline and into your bed.

The sun is shining, time to shag a granny in the heat

Some like it hot!

hot sexI know that the idea of having some filthy sex with a granny is really hot but have you ever tried to heat things up in the bedroom literally?

Here are a few techniques you can use to literally heat up your granny sex!

1.Candle Wax

This is slightly BDSM but it just works, next time you are shagging a hot gilf, why not tie her up, blind fold her and drip some hot wax all over her body. As the wax hits the skin, it causes a brief burning sensation that quickly dies away, this is quite a thrill and the pleasure and pain aspect can cause huge sexual argument.

Try dripping the wax all over her breasts and down around her legs and pubic area (even over the vagina if she is loving it). Remember, do not pour burning wax over someone as this could be too much and actually cause burning, but light drips all over the body can be very erotic. Once you are done, why don’t you have her do the same thing to you?

2. Hot mints oral sex

This is quite straightforward really, you know that fresh tingling feeling you get after you have brushed your teeth, well, here is a top tip to mix up your foreplay, why not get some strong mints to suck before and during oral sex. The tingling heat against your bell end and her clit can really force blood down into your privates and make you throb! If you really like it and want to take it a step further, you can also try this with hot drinks, ice and for the really adventurous, why not try fisherman’s friends to make things really hot!

3. Sex in front of a fire

If you have a fire in your house, I imagine you have already done this but sex in front of an open fire can really get you off. The heat from the flames can cause you to get all hot a sweaty and make this hot and sticky!

However, if you don’t have a fire, why not go camping, then in the dead of night, make a fire and go out and fuck like rabbits next to it. Like dogging accept with each other. Or if all else fails why not have a BBQ in the back garden and for dessert just have a shag near the BBQ, not exactly an open fire but if you are in the mood, just go for it!

hot gran

The women on are getting hotter than hot, but why?

We think it comes down to the fact that hot granny dating is actually becoming more and more acceptable. Women are enjoying calling themselves cougars and milfs. This is now an attractive thing to be and the key to the growing success in the site. As more and more women accept that they are ok with being “sexy grans” they become more comfortable signing up to these gilf sites.

As soon as the women begin to increase in numbers, so do the men. This is one of the things that we believe has caused such a huge growth over the last 10 years in this market.

Here we have a testimonial off one of our female members that I think describes exactly what I am talking about:

“After my divorce, one of my close friends Debbie turned to me and said, you are going to have no problems meeting someone new, you are a GILF!. I had obviously never heard of this term before and said what the hell are you on about? She said G.I.L.F, as in Granny I want to fuck. We burst out laughing but it got me thinking, just because I am older and have grandchildren, it doesn’t make me any less sexy. Then when I went to look for some dating sites online, the first thing I typed out was “Gilf” and found this site. Well, since I have been on, you wouldn’t believe the attention I have been having, some of the men are young enough to be my son, but I’m not complaining one bit!!

I have been attending swinging parties, orgies, men are taking me out for meals left, right and center. I absolutely loving it. I wish I had got that divorce years ago!”