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Welcome to in London. Since we started back in 2006 it has grown and grown. Without a shadow of a doubt one of our fastest growing areas of the UK was the capitol. Over 500 people sign up to our site everyday and over half of them are signing up from London.

We have thousands of horny grannies signing up from Chelsea to Brixton. 

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Here they are from most popular down




4.Crystal Palace


If you are one of these men who like a bit of mature action and would like to meet up for a bit of sexual fun, why not sign up for free and have a look around.

London is a big place and actually one of the fast cities in the world to adopt online dating over the last few years. With over 50% of the population saying that they are currently on, or have tried a dating site. Weather you are a man looking for a horny gran or a woman looking to spice up your sex lives we can assure you are likely to find someone very fast signing up from London.

The way our site works in simple. Have a click around this page or the rest of our site and have a browse through some of the featured profiles. If you like what you see, why not sign up and send them a message. If you don’t find anyone who tickles your fancy, do not fear. It takes two minutes to sign up and once inside our main database you will find thousands of women of all shapes and size to browse through. (Sign up is free and if your not happy feel free to cancel your membership and we will not bother you again)

With over 2 MILLION members to date...

You will definitely be able to find the right date for you. In fact about two years ago we were having complaints that there were too many older women to go through so we have recently added a feature where you can filter gran's based on your sexual desires.

Here is how it works. Once you sign up you can tick boxes to specify the type of match you are looking for. So if your thing is chubby grans with Blonde hair and blue eyes. Simply select these boxes and we will bring up all the women that match that criteria in London (and more specifically your area).

The best is yet to come!


Chelsea granny looking for a date

We have recently released interests that people can click based on their sexual desires. So for example if an older woman signed up who loves being rimmed and enjoys giving blowjobs. She can tick the box to say she enjoys being rimmed and she will tick the box saying she would like to give blowjobs. Then when a man signs up, he can do a search for a lady who enjoys giving blowjobs and likes being rimmed. This is very simple, very easy to use and the best part is, it actually works! Once you have whittled down your potential matches, your success rate will be higher as you will have found very specific matches.


Once you find someone you really like you could take them on a date. Wine and dine them so to speak. Or you could just stay at home and get naughty. Its really up to you.

London is a great place to meet people but because the city is so huge sometimes meeting someone can be daunting. Weather you are looking for romance or just a one night stand we are here to try and easy the troubles of trying to find a potential match for you.

Sign up is totally free and we do not even take card details so why not sign up and have a browse through some of our London profiles now?