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On this page we want to welcome new people looking to explore their naughty side and also returning visitors that perhaps want some extra advice, or added confidence in the knowledge that this dating website is the right one for them. Providing the number #1 grannie site on the net means we are constantly inundated with questions regarding the type of things we offer here. Ultimately this site is whatever you want to make of it, you can use it for simple casual fun, flirting over chat messages, or swapping naughty pics, or you could use it to meet other adult members looking for one night stands, or become older fuck buddies. 

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Established in 2006 is the largest and most original mature sex dating site of its kind. With a member base that reaches high into the millions, it’s no wonder why we see over 500 people sign up to our exciting dating site every week. Our aim is simple, bring together horny guys and older women for hot experienced sex in the uk, and so far we’ve been pretty successfully. A lot of our male members are meeting at least once a week; some even have several that they are shagging every day. It's not always easy to find a website that offers sex with a mature woman, which is why we have tried to make it as easy and as accessible to people as possible.

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So you might be wondering what brings people to our site? Well let us try and answer your question with a compiled list of the top reasons members join to help them find a.

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That is the real beauty and charm with a senior no strings sex site like the one we offer. Our members can take what they want from the site and enjoy it as they please. Some of our members like to just sit online at home throughout the day and engage in flirty, dirty chat. Others like to be more promiscuous and spend time on webcam with their favourite members.  Then you have the naughtiest of all, those hot granny slappers who want to meet up for dirty one night stands, and enjoy a regular mature f-buddy.

How to keep the Mature Chat Sexy

If you listen closely to some of the song lyrics that are in the charts at the moment, you might notice that artists are not subtle in the words they use anymore. Lyrics can have an effect on people which is why when a sexy song gets in the charts everyone goes crazy for it because the lyrics make them feel just that, sexy. So surely a naughty message or whisper in the ear to your loved one every now and then will have the same effect?

For those of you who have never tried or even heard of dirty talking it’s really a method used to help arouse your partner, to tease and entice. Words are often exchanged in the bedroom, where either male or female will whisper something erotic into their partners ear. It’s usually an instruction of what to do next or to keep doing what’s being done! The soft touch and whispering voice of that special someone is enough to get the blood pumping to all those vital areas which, let’s be honest can be tricky as we head into our mature years.

No matter what age you are at sex should always play an important part in life, it’s a way to express your attraction to someone, a way to release those all-important endorphins and it also helps your body stay young by keeping fit. So if you don’t already, speak a few naughty words during sex to help stimulate areas and keep the desire alive.

Don’t think that dirty talking only for the bedroom; keep things interesting by teasing your partner when apart. Send a cheeky text to let them know you are thinking about them, or send an email describing how you want to be touched later that evening. If you often spend time apart then why not make a call if you want to be a little more personal, start a conversation on the same topics, how you are alone and want to be touched…let you mind run with it.

Here are our top three tips:

*Instruct - tell them what you want to see, how you want to be touched

*Moans and groans count– the more the noises the better, these will help keep your partner turned on

*Don’t be scared to say something, whether you’re a seasoned veteran in the dirty chat world, or a first time dirty talker, just go for it. It will definitely be worth it. 

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