shy older woman caught with her tits out having sexWe are always being asked by our members how they can improve the amount of mature sex dates they are going on. So to help everyone out, we have created a nice little 6 step guide to maximising your chances of meeting the most amounts of adults on our site. This guide applies to both grannies and younger guys. We have tried to keep it fairly brief, but always to the point. Our first piece of advice is you need to understand what type of online dating site this is. We are not here to help you find love, or a relationship, or friendship, we are here to help you get laid, to improve your sex life and add more fun and spice into your existence. So if this doesn’t interest you then we’re probably not going to be the right match for you.

Step two: Start your adventure and make you profile

To get up and running you’ll firstly need to create your own grannydating account. This should not take you more than 60 seconds, and at this point the only information we require from you is a sex, username, date of birth, email address (this must be valid) and a password. After providing these 5 things you will be taken straight through to our platform where you can meet the rest of our community. Feel free to take a look around our site, browse the members available and check out the tools and features we have available for you to use. It’s completely free to do this, and a great way to test our service before deciding to commit as a full member.

Step three: Add information about yourself

Although we only require basic information about you to create a profile, to help you maximise your shagging time you should fill out your profile with more detail. For best results make sure you add at least one photo of yourself, having just 1 photo will increase the chances of a member clicking on you by 60%! It really is a vital step, and one that we can’t recommend enough. Make sure you also write a description about yourself, this can be brief, but should be a little bit about you, try and bring out your character and type of person you are. Don’t be negative here, because it will only mean other members message you following on from your negativity. Finally make sure you include all your sex interests, so if you like having a blowjob, let other members know it.

Step four: Use our advanced search tool to search for your perfect mature

Once your profile has been filled out to the best of your abilities it’s time to start searching for local mature sex dates to meet. Navigate to the search tool on the left hand side. Open it up and fill out the criteria of a match that best meets all your requirements. So for example, if you are after a dirty older woman from Wrexham, loves doggy style, and is up for joining you at a few dogging events, tick all the appropriate boxes. This means that once you then click search, you will be presented with a list of a members that match exactly what you are searching for. This will help cut out the time you are browsing, and give you more time to get on with meeting.

mature doggers meet up and fuckStep five: Send the right message

Once you have found your ideal member(s) it’s time to break the ice and send them that first message, unless of course they have already sent you one? If not, start with something light-hearted and short. Maybe put a question in there to entice a reply back from them. To find an appropriate question try reading their profile. If they have put something on there that you find interesting then maybe question them about it. Just remember to sound fun and light hearted, you don’t want to go scaring anyone away by getting all heavy and intense within the first message. Oh and finally, be polite, don’t start a conversation with just, ‘Let’s meet for mature sex’ - It isn’t going to matter if you have the looks of Brad Pitt, no woman is going to appreciate that type of remark.

Step six: Repeat, repeat, repeat

Once you have started getting some good results using this process, and managed to meet a hot attractive lady for some no strings sex, then our advice would be to just repeat the same process with the next member. Success here really is a numbers game, so the more you message other adults, the more chance you have of starting up a spark, and a spark is the thing that will lead you to getting more shagging. Hopefully this guide has helped, if you have any more questions please use the contact form on this site to drop us a message.