Tips on finding older woman

Mature women with erect nipplesWell this depends, are you looking for love or lust? If you are looking to settle down into a serious relationship, your best bet might be a dating site like eHarmony or match. However, if you are looking for some horny, no strings attached fun, then this is probably the ideal site for you. The mature women who have signed up to this site want one thing and one thing alone; a good hard fucking! If this is what you are after, then sign up for your free trial and give it a go!

Where else can I meet these women?

You could always just find these mature ladies in the old fashion way. Go out to bars, clubs and events and try chatting a few up. The problem most men have, is that they find the idea of going up to women and starting conversations with them terrifying. Because of this, they avoid doing it.

As the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect” but unfortunately this often does go both ways. The less you do something, the worse you get. In order to impress a dirty older lady and make her laugh, you have to have your wits about you. Be witty, tie circles around her in a flirty way, make her feel like she has never met anyone like you before.

Even if you don’t consider yourself very funny or witty, you can learn what to say in these situations. The name of the game is to make them respect you. If you drive a Ferrari or are wearing a hugo boss suit, this will work. Alternatively if you are packing lots of muscle, this will also cause women to have a lot of respect for you (as you will appear very Alpha).

But there are other ways to get respect off mature women. You can make them laugh, or you could be caring and make them see you as a "protector", which will be a very attractive thing for some women.

Looking up articles and books on getting women is easy. Have a read and get an action plan together, then it is a case of just going out and putting your plan into action. Remember, the first ten women you approach, you will be nervous and things probably will go terribly. So just accept this, just keep telling yourself that the first ten are going to go badly and if any of them go well, that is a bonus.

Once you have got over your fears and start doing it all the time, speaking to women will become far more natural and you will find you are acting more like yourself again.

Meeting a dirty older woman through work

The other option is to try and meet women through work or through friends. If you know people who regularly go out and socialising with older women, ask them if you can go out as well. Some men love going out in groups and speaking to women. If they are good at it, this could be your way to getting into bed with a few attractive grannies.

Finding a hot older lady in work

The other option is through work. The problem here is though that, if you had met someone through work, you probably wouldn’t be on this website. Also in work you can’t be so pro-active in your approach. Imagine if you were persuing a sexy mature woman in work and it turned out that they had no interest in you. It could make you feel really silly and actually damage your reputation.  Also, in work you only really have one shot at one woman. Once you have tried to chat up one woman, none of the other women will want to know because they don’t want to be second best. On top of this, sometime it can just be a bad idea sleeping with someone you work with. Imagine if it ended badly and you had to go in everyday to see them. That would be horrible and awkward.

Then there is online.

After a couple of minutes on the site you will begin to discover the “breeze” that is, online dating. Thousands of older women to choose from, all of them actively looking for sex. It's like walking into a club of people who are all women, all single, all completely open and honest about what they are looking for and all trying to impress you enough, that you will talk to them.

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