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The problem with fetishes is that they are exactly what they say they are a fetish. And a fetish normally means liking something that goes against the norm of society, which unfortunately in our day and age can leave you feeling like an outcast. This in turn stops you from perusing what you want, which only leads down a dark path as you try and lock away your true feelings and desires. Well to hell with all that we say at, we offer you a an adult site where you can meet mature women wanting sex and dates, that is safe and secure, and totally private. This dating website is dedicated to all the men with a fetish for older women, and all the grannies who want to screw a toy boy!

Why it’s so much easier dating online than offline

The problem with trying to source partner who appeals to your interest offline is that you just don’t know where to look, or who to even approach. Take this scenario, you’re out on a Saturday night with a group of your mates, you’ve gone to a few bars, the booze has helped your confidence. You enter a club and see an attractive mature woman surrounded by her friends. Every inch of your being is screaming at your to talk to her, she might even be giving you the eye, but two things stop you dead in your tracks. The first is that your mates find out that you don’t want to pull the 20-something year old who is next to you, and call you a freak, and the second thing is you can’t face the idea of rejection. That’s where online dating sites like come to the rescue! We offer you the perfect platform to meet mature grannies and wives who have joined to meet young toy boys just like you. The beauty of this is that you can do it all in private, and safe in the knowledge that every member you message, has entered the site knowing exactly what to expect, so won’t think you’re strange or weird, in fact they will embrace it and reply.

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It’s time to be honest with you. We are not trying to be the next, in fact we couldn’t be further away from match. We don’t really give a shit about finding friendship or romance, or love at first sight, or any of that old bullshit. We are simple with our goals, to get you laid. Our site is all about casual local hook-ups, we don’t want there to be any misunderstanding here, our members are looking to shag, and that’s exactly the way we like it. It’s not just men who want to bang, mature women want sex just as much as well. Which is why this site works so well, it brings two groups of people together who really benefit from meeting each other.

We provide a safe and secure dating platform

We understand that people get worried about the idea of online dating because of having to give over so much information – what happens to it, which is responsible for it, and can it be used anywhere else? Well we are here to tell you that once you join our exciting dating site, your information will not be sent to any third party, used for any third party advertising and when you leave the site and cancel your membership, it’s all deleted without a trace back to you.