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Until we created grannydating.co.uk the possibilities of exploring an older woman fetish were pretty much limited to searching offline. However the problem that this brought with it was that finding a mature match in a night club, or any public location was quite the challenge. Seeing this problem excited we wanted to do something about it. The fantasy of fucking an experienced woman is one shared between millions of males all over the UK and the world, so why there was not already a site for them to explore this was a mystery to us. Now 8 years later, we can successfully say we have helped 1000s of adults hook-up for their piece of older action, and have really helped people satisfy a their fetish, that they had kept locked away.

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You may be interested to know that we offer the great, exciting granny-dating environment directly on your phone or tablet. You will still experience the same great service and platform, including all the same tools and features, but a much a much more ‘phone friendly’ compatible version, the same goes for tablet devices as well. This is really useful when it comes to keeping up with all your dating activity while on the go, as you can use your phone or tablet whenever is convenient for you. This could be on your way to work, at the coffee shop, during work hours (just don’t let the boss see) or even on a night out when trying to organise a local hook-up. The ability to use these devices also plays a massive part when it comes to keeping your time on the site private and confidential. If you are using your own personal device, then no one else will ever go on it, allowing you the freedom and space to do whatever you like, comfortable that only your eyes will view it.

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We screen every single new profile that is created here. This might sound like quite an extreme process, but unfortunately it’s the reaction we’ve had to put into place after finding so many scammers and time wasters were getting into our community. We are working with the dating protector team, a highly trained group of human moderators who personally look through new profiles for signs of behaviour that arouse suspicion. Put it like this, if a scammer or time waster is trying to get onto our site to harass our great community of members, they will be stopped at the front door, piece of mind we’re sure.