Convincing sexy Grannies to message back.

Sexy mature woman bent over the bed in red lingerieWe have all been in that situation where you go up and talk to sexy mature women in a bar or a club. She knows that she is sexy and probably has that sexual confidence to go with it. These women look like they could eat men for breakfast, they are intimidating and they know it. gives you access to some of the sexiest grannies in the UK with one big difference; they are openly looking for sex and want YOU to message THEM! Sign up to the site is completely free and cancelation is even easier. Browse through our thousands of contacts for unlimited time and see who you might find.

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So you walk over to one of these women offline, she could be rude and tell you to fuck off, she might have a husband or boyfriend standing behind you. Even if she doesn’t, what are you going to say to her, to make her more attracted to you? The list goes on. Eventually 99% of men decide its easier not to bother speaking to these granny slappers.

Luckily for us, the online dating market is completely different. The women on go to huge lengths to try and impress you. Most of them will upload nude images and they all write in their profiles about wanting to meet up for sex. These women really want to get messages off you. The question is, what should you message them and how should you stand out from the crowd.

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Top tips for sending messages.

Horny mature in knickers trying to impressUnfortunately online these sexy mature women probably get just as much attention as offline. But don’t worry, there are ways to stand out from the crowd. Here are a couple of rules for when you send out that first message 

  1. Be direct but don’t be rude. These horny mature women know what they want. Most of them are just looking for more sex in their lives. Don’t beat around the bush, be direct, but have some humility, don’t just say “lets meet for sex”. Have a little more personality.
  2. Don’t use too much flattery, it will ultimately make you look weak and pathetic. Unfortunately chivalry is dead. Women like their men to be men. There will be plenty of time to flatter them later, but right now they need to know you’re a man, not a wimp. The last think you want to do is give them the impression you will do anything for them, eg “Your so beautiful, I would do anything to spend an hour with you”. Put yourselves in their shoes, if someone messaged you saying this, you would run a mile, yet some men do honestly send messages like this!
  3. Have a bit of personality in there. You don’t have to talk about yourself in order to do this. Just write like you would speak, that is a great way to do it, so for example you could write “Hi was just looking at your tits, sorry I mean pictures and you look really nice”. You see, a small sentence like that gets across humour and your personality, and you will have written very little.
  4. Don’t be too push for a response. Sexy women don’t like to feel like they are being pushed into a corner. So for example don’t write something like “Can’t wait to hear from you”. Its too “needy” and it actually sound like you expect them to write back. But at the same time you don’t want it to sound like you don’t expect them to write back. Making them feel sorry for you isn’t going to work either, so you wouldn’t want to write “ I doubt you will write back”. Say something more alone the lines of,s “check out my profile, I come on here every couple of days, so send me a message if you fancy a chat”. Its much more indirect, it suggests you have a busy life but you will make time for her if she is free. Much better than sounding like “I will wait for your reply with baited breath” (even if that is what you are going to be doing)

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