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Naughty Granny Dating

If you are interested in doing some Naughty Granny dating online today, then there is only one place to go. is the number one and original site for men who are looking to have sex with dirty older women. With 1000’s of women signing up every week we have more selection than any other site out there. Sign up for free today and see who you might meet.


But be warned; these women are interested in meeting up for sex now. If you are a bit nervous about actively meeting up off the site for sex, you might be better off having a wank over these naughty older women. However, if you do want to start having more sex, read on, and we will give you some of our tops tips for getting these women offline and into your bed!


Speaking to women offline can be very difficult. Waiting for the right older woman to come along, then building up the courage to go and talk to her. Once you have spoken to her, what are you going to say? The list goes on, and ultimately most men decide it’s easier to do a bit of online dating.



The problem is that online dating is so popular now that a lot of men have started to get the same problem as they did offline. They don’t know what to say to these naughty grannies when they first message them.

Here are a couple of my top tips for how to stand out from the crowd.

Convey your personality and make her laugh. Now when I say this, I don’t mean, write about yourself and tell a joke at the end. I mean get your personality into the things you are writing to her. Write to her, as you would speak to her.

If you are going down the route of chat up lines, come up with something a little bit more original. Here are two that always seem to make women laugh. The first is “ your arse is like an onion, it's making me want to cry” and the second is “Your body is like wonderland... and I wish I were Alice.”

These are going to be lines that these naughty older women might not have ever heard before. Also if done right, you might not have to write anything else after that.

Don’t sound too clingy. You don’t want to be swamping this granny slag with compliments like “Your stunning”, “I love your clothes” It’s just so boring. These women are sexually frustrated. They want a man that is going to get down to business, so be a little bit more direct. In fact, it might even be funny to write to them saying “ I don’t want to sit here complimenting you, you know you’re a hot granny, let's meet up sometime” Honestly it might even get a better response.

Granny Dating

Sound confident

A lot of men write very self-deprecating things like “you probably get the message all the time, you probably aren’t going to message me back”. Trying to get sympathy from these women is the wrong thing to do. Have a bit of confidence. These dirty older women love confidence, act like they would be lucky to meet up with you. It’s likely to get you much further.

Be direct but don’t sound pushy. Remember, you want these women to feel compelled to write back to you. To do that, they need to feel attracted to you and comfortable. So put them at ease. Make it sound like it’s not a problem if they want to take their time getting back. Make it seem like you have got better things to be doing. For example right “If you fancy a chat sometime, give me a message on here. Looking for a few fuck buddies in my life so if you fancy meeting up for a drink sometime let me know”. It’s like your leaving the ball in her court. You have been entirely open and direct with her. You're also suggesting that she is not your only option. This will make her feel like there is no pressure to write back and ironically it will probably make her want to write back quickly.

What are you waiting for?