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How we are the safest Granny site on the net?

In the last post, I ran you through some of the different types of members we get signing up. From the hard core members who are literally just on the site to find sex, to the members who might be dipping their toe into Adult dating for the first time.

Obviously what types of members sign up is very important to us because ultimately it effects what kind of an experience you have when you are on the site.

safe granny dating
safe granny dating site

Safely browse through our saucy members.

Our goal is to create a site that is full of members just like you. People who are actively looking for a fling. In an ideal world we would have a database full of people who are only interested in finding a new mature fuck buddy.

However sadly we cannot provide 100% of sexually seeking users. There will be a small amount of time wasters. So how do we go about getting rid of these?

Back when we started in 2008 we only really looked into profiles that people had complained about, but as the site grew we realised this was not going to be enough. So we began looking into random profiles on the site and slowly removing any time waster. But the problem is the site continued to grow to the size we are now with over 500 users signing up a day. So what is the Answer?

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granny tit massage

A team working around the clock, 7 days a week!

Yes that’s right, we have team of people working in shifts around the clock checking EVERY SINGLE PROFILE.

Here is a coupe of things we look out for

1. Fake email addresses

2. Foreign email addresses

3. Fake profile photos

4. Broken English

However, do not fear. If you do own a foreign email address. We do not simply remove these people, we will send them an email to verify if they are real users, if we do not get a response, we then remove them.

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Constant Monitoring

However we do not stop there. We are constantly monitoring users on the site we suspect might not be who they say they are. We can double check to see if they are spamming any of our users or sending abusive message and we do have a zero tolerance on this.

We also listen to our users, if any one profile is flagged we instantly investigate.

Online dating protector

On top of this we have recently joined up with Online dating protector who also have their own team of 24/7 moderators with highly effective anti scam software. They also scrawl through our members to make sure everyone really is who they say they are.

All Members checked!

I hope this has given you a taste of how seriously we take spammy or fake users. We really do go out of our way to make sure when you are on the site you are safe and secure. Then the only thing you do have to worry about is where your next shag is coming from.

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