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Marital Affairs – how NOT to get caught with a married granny

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Do you get turned on by the idea of having a sexual relationship with someone who is not your partner? Whether you enjoy the secrecy of encounters, the excitement of sex with a new granny dating partner or just simply you aren’t getting enough in your current relationship we’ve created a list of

how NOT to get caught when having an affair behind your partners back.

granny having affair
marital affair with Granny

1. Keep emotions out of it.

As soon as a relationship starts to blossom, you know you are in trouble. If your affair is only for sex, then keep it at that. You don’t want to find yourself falling for this person because that wasn’t the agreement.

2. Ensure your new lover understands your situation.

Affairs are great when both have spouses because you can then understand how to work around seeing one another. No jealousy or time wasting will happen. If you’ve chosen a single person to have your affair, then ensure rules are kept to…and on that note.

3. Lay some ground rules.

Before your first encounter with this new lover ensure you are both on the same page. Set some guidelines of when is acceptable to be contacted and when is not, where to meet etc.

granny affair
mature affair

4. Change his/her name in your mobile phonebook.

Simple yet effective. If you receive a text and your other half sees a message from someone the opposite sex then suspicion will arise. So to defeat this, change their name to someone of the same sex. Something not too out of the ordinary.

5. Don’t tell anyone about your affair.

As trustworthy you think your friend is, it’s not worth taking the risk and discussing them. Keep it as your dirty little secret, as it is. If you start telling people, then it could get back to your spouse.

Older lady looking for affair
Hot Granny with affair

6. Keep contact to the bare minimum.

If texts are exchanged, save the name as something different. If emails are to and fro consider setting up a separate email account that you only ever access via your phone. Not your shared computer or iPad

7. If your spouse gets any hint of the affair, then abort all contact.

If you are sending images, videos, messages anything via transaction via your bank, suspend all immediately. Do not be silly enough to pay for hotels on a joint account hoping they won’t notice! Wherever your partner can see any hint of unusual activity, you will be quizzed we warn you!

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