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Would you like to have sex with grannies? You might think that women over a certain age are only interested in doing the missionary position. You might think they are a bit old and might have bad hips. Well, you are on the wrong planet if you believe this. Some of the fifty and sixty-year-old women on this site are mad about sex. They are the most experimental people on the web and are up for anything.

So why not send someone a list of Karma Sutra positions next time you are online and tell her which ones you would like to try, you never know, this might be the best way to break the ice and start a conversation with a new woman?

So we asked the women on this site what their favourite positions where here are three testimonials which outline the top positions explained three women on our website.


“I love being held by a strong man; I am only small, so when a big strong man picks me up and holds me up against the wall, it turns me on. The position I am thinking about is where my legs hook over his forearms as we face each other, this exposes my vagina, and my butt hole and his dick can then slip in whichever one he likes. I usually put my arms around his neck to give myself a bit of support, and then I let them hammer me as hard and as deep as they like. “

Jill 63

“I love that position where I lye on my side with one leg straight and the leg on top bent revealing my arse and fanny. Then the man has one leg either side of the straight leg and fucks me hard. The great thing about this position is the fact that the man can get deep and this usually hits the spot. It also leaves my arse exposed for then to play with my butt hole and if they feel like it, fucking me up the arse too."

Sarah 55

“For me the best position is when I an upside down, I am off the bed with my neck and shoulders touching the floor with the man standing up with his dick pointing down into my pussy, for some reason this really hits my g spot, I also like the rush of blood to my head from being upside down. Not only this, I love this position as I feel quite helpless in this situation and the dominance of a man with a large cock standing over me turns me on!”

Jane 58

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We have hundreds of men signing up each day to try and have sex with grannies. We have had countless success stories of men signing up and meeting up with several mature women in the first month. This comes down to the vast number of horny women we have signing up. Today I would like to share with you two testimonials; one man, one granny. I feel it is better coming from them than it is me.




John 42


“Ever since I was younger, I had this fascination with older women. Even as a boy, I used to have a massive crush on all of my nan's friends and as I grew up I could only ever masturbate over granny porn. I have never really got married, as there is a side to me that wants to have sex with older women. The oldest woman I have ever had sex with was 73, and I loved it.


When I discovered this site existed, I signed up straight away. I can tell you this site works. Off the back of this site, I have met up with and have sex with over ten women. I have even attended some mature swinging parties. The women are filthy too. They try so hard to impress, It makes me so fucking hard!”


Claire 64



Me and my ex-husband got a divorce about ten years ago as I was having an affair. Even though my husband did please me sexually, he was away a lot on work and sooner or later I got bored and started seeing other men on the side. After a while, I couldn’t take the lying so decided to break up with him. As soon as I was out of the marriage, I went mad. I had sex with 2 or 3 different men every week, and I loved it! This site has given me access to hundreds of men who worship the ground I walk on. I could easily meet up with a man tonight if I wanted too, In fact, I think I might!”

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Not all the members of this granny dating site are over 40 years old. We have a lot of toy boys who sign up to this site looking for an older, more experienced woman to have sex with. In turn, a lot of the women on this site are up for meeting up with a younger man with a rock hard dick to satisfy them in the bedroom.

Here we have a testimonial off one of the male members of this site, talking about his experience.

“For me, it’s all about having sex with experienced women who are up for anything. I have had sex with some younger girls, but in my experience, they are not up for trying new things and get squeamish about doing anything unusual in the bedroom. However, some grans are just absolutely filthy. I have not yet met a horny gran who doesn’t want to finger my bum if I ask. I have had anal sex with a few, and some have even given me a rim job. Its almost like these women have seen it all before, and they are eager to please.

Some of the younger girls I have had sex with in the past, it’s almost like I should please them, not the other way around. In fact, the best looking girls I have ever fucked lie on their back and don’t do anything. I would rather have sex with an older woman and have her doing things to me that I have never had done before.

Not only this, but I was a member of POF for years, and the number of women I would have to message to have the chance to meet up with one finally was ridiculous. In the end, I just gave up. On this site, I have had women messaging me asking if I want to meet up and fuck them. I honestly cannot recommend this site enough. If you are horny, experimental and want to have sex with women who are more experienced, then this is what you are looking for.”

If you are looking for a romp with a grandmother, there isn’t a better place to go.

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